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9 Things That Are Making Me Smile

Birch trees,

blankets of snow,


seeing local music,

staying warm with homemade soups,

painting with primary hues,

sipping peppermint tea,

remembering summertime with tomato, mozzarella and basil,

and spending long afternoons at coffee shops, enjoying cherry chocolate cookies and a macchiato.


ps. i can hardly believe class starts in just a few weeks. i can’t wait to see the GORGEOUS new owls you all create! 


  1. I like the painting…Is this yours?

  2. looking, tasting and smelling good judging by all your pics 🙂 Wish it would warm up here. A.x

  3. thanks, sue! it is my painting… a background layer that happens to already have the start of any eye. many more layers to come. it's 2.5 feet square 🙂

  4. sending sunshine your way 🙂

  5. I'm sending you a beautiful texas spring day to help melt that snow away 🙂

  6. There are nine beautiful reasons to smile.
    Simple things daily, giving joy sometimes necessary to make us a nice day.
    Beautiful inspiration in your mix media. I love it.

  7. Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts.
    Liefs, Melanie

  8. Those primary color grounds you showed are simply beautiful!

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