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9 Things That Are Inspiring Me

Perfect pairings on the beach,

the tallest metal sculptures,

layers of paint,

the perfect lookout,

rows of glass,

red hibiscus,

the smell of flowers,

tiled tables,

and blueberry smoothies on the balcony.



  1. The blueberry smoothie is inspiring me to buy blueberries…love the rows of glass and the tiled table top too!! 🙂

  2. I have a question for you Juliette..and I ask this to most of my mixed media you first sketch your images or paint the background first? Would love to hear back from you on that…so many people answer this differently and I'm just curious..

  3. i paint the background first…and really never know what sort of character will come out of the paint. i just begin and love the process 🙂

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