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9 Things That Are Inspiring Me

Gorgeous fall color,

the ceremony in making matcha,

shades of purple,

painting plates,

sipping tazo passion tea,

coming home to local rustic bread and cheese,

long hikes through fields of flowers,
rainbows in  the sky,

and the art of charley harper!

what’s inspiring you today?


* thank you so much to the lovely rachel taylor for featuring my artwork on her blog in part 1 and part 2!


  1. Beautiful post juliette!!!

  2. Wonderful! Making my own list of 9 things I'm currently inspired by- thanks so much for posting 🙂


  3. thank you! it's so fun to walk and take photos or even just around my home…it helps me to notice what i'm loving more, and it's so lovely to pass the inspiration on to you!

    xo, juliette

  4. Love all these things. I am looking out the window of my parents house at a beautiful white cotton field

  5. the sun is out! that is what is inspiring me today 🙂 and the blue sky.
    love the inspiration 🙂

  6. Very lovely! I love to see how we all transform the BYW info into real blog posts! Well done! Cheers, Igor

  7. Gorgeous photos, very inspiring. I adore Charles Harper. ADORE! 🙂

  8. I love this! Just curious, could you do a post just about the matcha? It is such a beautiful shade of green!

  9. You always seem to make me hungry or want to take long beautiful walks outside breathing in the fresh air. Love the list Juliette and I also love your newest work. The Abundance painting is BEAUTIFUL! xo

  10. Beautiful photos – I have been lurking, but not posting, so here I am – Love your blog, Juliette!

  11. A lovely post – a great way to do a list. Well done.

  12. i love that the matcha is such a gorgeous green…that makes drinking and making it so wonderful and healthy-feeling 🙂 i'll be writing on matcha for my upcoming how to paint a girl ecourse (part of the nourishing and nurturing side of the class), but i'll try to post a bit here too.

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