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9 NEW Art Supplies I'm Currently Loving!

i usually take lots and lots of photo walks. but lately, i’m finding i’d prefer to have my phone/camera with me less and less. 

not always carrying my phone keeps me enjoying the present moment and adds a bit of space and separation when i’m taking an afternoon off…just to enjoy! 

so, instead of photos from out and about, here is a snapshot of what’s currently on my studio table! these are all of the art supplies i’ve been mixing together and loving to use most in my new paintings

bleeding art tissue paper,

metallic pigments (like this copper and bronze, pearl-ex brand),

flocking powder (like these from martha stewart),

water soluble oil pastels,

canvas panel board (already gesso-ed),

white acrylic paint and a palette knife,


neon paints,

and my paper collection! 


ps. we’re mixing lots of these supplies together in my HOW TO PAINT A GIRL online workshop! if you’d like to create a few mixed media pieces of your own, find all of the details and register here.
there’s also a session of HOW TO PAINT AN OWL coming up in July! 
AND both classes will soon be available aSelf-Paced Classes too! To be sure class fits into your schedule, all of my classes will soon be available on-demand, so you can access them instantly, and paint when you want for at least a year! sign up for my newsletter for details.


  1. Fabulous! I'm so inspired by your stuff and can't wait to get into the studio today!!!

  2. All of this looks like so much fun, would love to take a class we are in the middle of moving so will keep cking into the different ones offered I esp love your class on the girl. Lot's of questions I am a newbie you will see~1)Is belleding art tissue different than reg tissure paper? 2)Do you just mix the metallic pigments with water and just apply with brushes? 3)Does flocking powder give kinda a velvet feel and how do you apply? 4) The canvas panel pre gessoed do you find those like at Binders or Cheap Joes? Or does like Michaels and Hobby lobby have those types of animals? Julie jm monroe oh and one more what is a URL???

  3. bleeding art tissue is different…the color comes off easily with water:

    (that http…link to a website i just listed is a url 🙂

    sometimes i smudge the metallics right onto an area of a painting or i mix them with water and apply with my fingers or a brush.

    flocking powder is velvet-y. so fun! just add over glue 🙂

    i find the canvas panel at michaels crafts, hobby lobby and joann fabrics.

    best wishes!

  4. Tissue paper can be so much fun and adds a nice texture. I did a journal cover once and added tissue paper over Gesso and gel medium then a sea foam green acrylic paint and then used a distressed ink pad over it and it came out amazing! Have not seen or used the bleeding tissue paper though..but I have found that I like using the white most for texture and that way I can paint it whatever color / colors I want. Love photos of people's art processes. I bought some beautiful colored flocking powder by Recollections but have not tried them out yet…not sure what I will use them for but they seemed interesting enough! Love all of your posts Juliette…and p.s. LOVE Hobby Lobby that store is dangerous for

  5. Water soluble oil pastels?!?! OMG…I am in so much trouble. I've been wanting to use something like that with my water soluble oil paints, but the regular oil markers start needing turpentine if you use too much. I'm off on a hunt for these….woohooo!

  6. Oh thank you so so much~I am going to try some of these and one of these days I will take a class of your Lord willing~I am excited to try these out I have started a journal of ideas and things to try techniques and quotes what a mix lol~Julie Jm monroe

  7. Ooooo….art supplies! I love seeing what other artists use! Thank you Julie! Now I want to go home and paint right now….xoxoxo

  8. I love this post…great supplies.
    I am going to branch out too and you
    have inspired me!!

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