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  1. great post, the bird is so brilliant!!

  2. the bird was one of many beauties that visited our backyard in Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia (just outside of Melbourne). We were lucky enough to take a trip there last December 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos!

  4. WOW is this where you live???? I love the red bird! Exotic in the extreme.

  5. Lovely – isn't nature just the BEST??

  6. i so wish those birds were commonplace in our yard. but we do have lovely bluejays and cardinals and many other colorful midwestern birds 🙂

  7. What colorful inspiration ! Beautiful !

  8. love this post!!!
    those 7 things made me smile too!!!

    thank you sweets!


  9. Love them all – love sharing this bounty of beautiful thing!


  10. Very nice. ::smiling:: Have a great Friday.

  11. Beautiful photos… That bird is gorgeous!

  12. Oh Juliette! I would LOVE to see that bird in real life! The colors are so BOLD and beautiful.

    You have been busy adding so many NEW beauties in your shop. SO lovely…xo

  13. Your seven things make me smile too.

  14. Love these too! 🙂

  15. LOVE these…
    ESPECIALLY the red bird…where on earth did you see that?

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