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on interviews + authenticity

TITLE: When the Music Stops. The Original Mixed Media Painting + Prints available in my etsy shop.
yesterday i was lucky enough to do my first local interview! a reporter from the UW-Madison student-run magazine, Curb, contacted me about the article via etsy (see just how crazy that whole online publicity network works?). 
anyways, she mentioned she was doing a story on female, Wisconsin-based Etsy designers and artists along with a spread of Etsy products in the magazine. so of course i said yes! and as soon as i find out when the article is coming out, i’ll be sure to let you all know!
TITLE: When the Music Stops. The Original Mixed Media Painting + Prints available in my etsy shop.
the interview completely brought me back to my early college years as an arts and technology reporter for my college newspaper. i really enjoyed finding stories to report and being able to give credit to things that deserved recognition…like an interview with author Leslie Marmon Silko and a trip to the University of Illinois’ Electronic Visualization Laboratory (I’m not quite sure how I convinced my editor that was a Minneapolis-based featured, but it was incredible to check out). 
but the thing that killed me about being a reporter, and eventually made me get out of journalism all together, was that i stopped listening to people and following my heart. when it came down to deadline time, getting the perfect quote to make my story was all that mattered. that did not align with who i really was at all. and i was lucky enough to realize that early on.
it’s funny though, my experiences as a journalist really emphasized my love for listening to people’s stories and my appreciation for the little things going on in everyone’s individual lives. 
i remember going to review a Native American art exhibit in Minneapolis and having the opportunity to sit with all of the artists and hear their stories. i was brought to tears. not so much by what they said, but by their authenticity. and mostly, by my being so unalligned with my authentic self. my entire heart was crying. and as hard as it was, and as long as it seemed to take, i knew then that i had to make some major life changes.


  1. What a beautiful post! Congrats on the interview!!
    'When the music stops' is beautiful too!

  2. I am happy for you! Congrats!

  3. Congratulations Juliette! I wonder what she will write… Sounds like you met your authentic self pretty early on

  4. Congrats! I wish we could've met while I was still living in Madison.

  5. Congrats! This is a beautiful article post. I love your art and your accompanying words 🙂

  6. What a heartfelt post Juliette. For myself, the more whole-heartedly I follow my path as an artist the more important I realize authenticity to be – being real, speaking my truth and putting that voice into my art. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  7. i definitely knew my authentic self early on, beth. but it feels like it took a really long time to figure out just how to be me in the world.

    so beautifully put, dyan.

    i wish we could've met while you were in madison too, mandy 🙂

    xo, juliette

  8. It seems like finding our true self is one of life's greatest adventures. Your story brings back good memories. =) Congratulations on the interview!

  9. Good for you, the first interview!
    But the beneath is really great!!
    I like your art work!

  10. congratulations~

    leslie marmon silko – wow!! one of my favorites.

    i was recently interviewed for an article in our local university paper also. i wish i could say that i am excited about the article…but the reporter didn't use any of the content from our hour long interview! maybe the deadline effect? 🙂

    i hope yours is awesome!

  11. Congrats on the interview Juliette:D

    Now how do I become part of the whole online network vortex, ha ha….keep trucking along till someone takes notice I guess:D I've been interviewed locally a few times for radio, paper and tv and most of the time I am mis-quoted so now I really stress about it….and my arts collective just applied for its own arts reporting show, yikes, ha ha.

    Oh and love the new painting. your owls are so sweet:D

  12. Lovely post!!! And I love you new piece, so bright and full of energy!!

    Congratulations on your interview too, how exciting! :0)

  13. Dearest Juliette, such wonderful wonderful news!! Yipee and hooooray ~ a huge congratz!! Oh and i really adore your owl paintings! They are soo pretty! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

  14. That's so great that you are being recognized. I hope you feel that you are authentic now.

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