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hope on the horizon

Hope On The Horizon.
the Original Painting and Prints available in my etsy shop.

HOPE ON THE HORIZON. 7 x7 inches on wood.

i love this girl hope. whenever i look at her, she makes me smile. 

she is one who’s always looking out towards that little light… right on the horizon. She is full of hope and meant to inspire all others to follow their hearts.

for this painting, i went out into my backyard and set up all of my art supplies. i’d been frustrated with another painting, and decided to start this one. and from there, she really just jumped out of the paint. for a while, i just called her sunny or sunshine because that’s really what she radiates. 

but then when i thought about it, i realized it’s almost as if she’s after a monarch butterfly on the most beautiful day. she is just happy and as hopeful as can be.


Limited Edition Lockets
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  1. She is absolutely darling. I just love the meaning too. There is always hope!! Have a beautiful Monday. 🙂

  2. May I ask a question about your process? I use the same FC pens, or attempt to, over acrylic and they refuse to work! The tips go “dead” and won't give ink, even if I've just bought the pen. I can't find a pen that works well over acrylic. I'm not sure what paint medium you use, but I wonder if you have any insight?Thank you:) Jessica

  3. hi jessica, i use the FC pens over acrylics and pastel. my trick is to wipe off the tip right away on my palm. that clears off the dust and paint and keeps it lasting much longer. i also love black india ink and either a calligraphy or very thin brush for outlines over acrylic paint-or pretty much anything.

    best wishes,

  4. I love those lockets! Your art is truly magical!!

  5. These are adorable! Also, I love your outside (backyard) studio office ; )

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