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Juliette Crane Wild & Free Painting

In Wild & Free Painting, I share many playful techniques and characters to help you feel more free in your artwork and find your own style.

By the end of class, you’ll have five freedom-inspired paintings and the template to get you started again and again, so you can keep exploring and develop your artistic voice.

That means we’ll draw and paint whimsical animals, feather-haired girls, imaginary creatures, watercolor portraits, lusciously layered backgrounds and more! I’ll also show you how to create a face in under 10 minutes with just a few supplies, so even if you don’t have a lot of space or time, you can still get creative and play. This is the perfect class for beginners or for those looking to loosen up and feel more relaxed in your art.

We’ll paint with our fingertips, play with neon colors and have fun with lots of layers. And, with each demo, I’ll use just a few of my favorite basic and inexpensive art supplies, so the class doesn’t need to be a huge investment.

My hope for you in this course, is that you feel more inspired to connect deeply with that part of yourself that just wants to dream, take chances, feel how you’ve always wanted to feel and do the things you have always imagined trying but never thought you could, so you can paint with no right or wrong and create from a place that makes you feel free.

There is 1 year access to the classroom, so even if you don’t have a chance to get to everything now, there’s always plenty of time.

You’ll also have forever access to our online community, which means you’ll always have a place to connect and feel supported with your artistic journey.


  • painting mixed media portraits, faces and eyes
  • Five mixed media painting projects
  • how to paint a face in under 10 minutes
  • mixed media portraits, faces and eyes
  • experimenting with various art supplies
  • drawing and sketching
  • creating luscious layers
  • playing with color
  • loosening up and letting go
  • watercolor paintings
  • art journal pages and sketchbook paintings
  • adding top coats
  • simple shape template for creating any whimsical animal or character

*I include lots of me talking you through what I do as I paint and why, letting you know the mistakes I make and how I fix them, plus give you a good look at what’s on my palette and what supplies I’m using as I create.



  • Five in-depth painting videos with me talking you through every step of my process, layer by layer, so you know what I’m doing and why
  • Step by Step Template and Video for Creating Any Whimsical Character
  • Step by Step Video for Drawing Eyes
  • How To Video for Adding Top Coats (My 3-Step Process)

Text Explanations

  • With each lesson, I’ll share tips and things to remember along with a detailed materials and colors list

Downloadable Cheat Sheets

  • printable pdf with simple step by step instructions for drawing eyes
  • printable pdf with simple step by step instructions for shading faces
  • printable pdf with simple shape template for creating different characters

Positive Community

  • Private Facebook group full of community support and encouragement.


Mini Course

WHEN Sign up to get emailed about early bird pricing, when registration next opens.
WHAT Includes Five In-Depth Painting Projects (Videos with Narration) plus Bonus Videos, Downloadable Cheat Sheets & Forever Access to Private Facebook Community, On-going Online Course
WHO For anyone and everyone. Beginners are welcome. I try and instruct in a way that benefits beginner and skilled artists.
Click here to see student work.
COST $75
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**click here for a full supply list**
Oil Paintsticks
Watersoluble Pencil

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“This workshop has been so fun and really spoke to my heart. I love your forgiving approach and so appreciated your personal thoughts…”
-Kim Lacefield
Whimsical Animals Student
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Your owl painting class has truly been an inspiration for me and my artwork. I especially liked your thoughts about loosening up and letting your creativity flow. It truly helped my creative blocks at times. – Shaun Wingerter
Sitting down in front of my computer in the morning and logging into this class was the highlight of my day. You are an exceptional teacher and I have learned so much. Thank you for the countless hours it took you to prepare this class. You are my inspiration. I liked watching the videos over and over again and when I went to create my owl, I was pleased with what I had done…..this would not be possible without such an excellent teacher. – Jacqueline Bartels
I’ve been painting like a crazed person, one owl after another and each one different. What a great time I am having! Thank you for all your lessons and helpful hints. Watching you paint is amazing! Thank you for the “ugly” stage, I have often given up at this stage, but not anymore. I just keep on going. – Patricia Armbrust

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