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A NEW Painting – Water Lily

Juliette Crane

WATER LILY. Original Painting (SOLD). Prints available in my shop.


This painting was one that I really didn’t like for awhile.

It started out as a background I didn’t want to ruin. So I timidly approached adding a character and of course I didn’t like it.

It wasn’t until I added a lot more layers and got to the point where I really wasn’t worried about ruining the piece that the painting finally came together.

It really wasn’t until I did some quick fingerpainting with my white acrylic around the girl’s head that the piece finally got its story…

She watches, protected by the sun and lonesome coyote, determined to catch the stars, she stays still and silent in peace like the WATER LILY.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

The original Water Lily is sold, but you can find prints in my shop.


  1. So lovely…
    Thanks for sharing your process xo

  2. Such an incredible process, and brilliant final result. I look at your work and see so much emotion and feeling, so beautiful.

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