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Your Eyelids Flutter – A New Painting

YOUR EYELIDS FLUTTER. Prints available in my shop.

Sometimes I doubt myself as I paint.

Because I’m so used to covering things up in my work, I’ve noticed I cover up things that are new and original because they feel too awkward and weird.

I think they’re not finished. But really, it’s not the painting. It’s the feeling it gives me inside.

This piece just sort of happened.

I’d covered up a painting I had never liked, leaving the only part I loved… the layers of collaged monarch butterflies.

However, when I stepped back, I thought it can’t be done. It looks too strange. This is not something I’ve ever painted before and it was too easy.

YOUR EYELIDS FLUTTER. Prints available in my shop.
Well, sometimes that just happens. 

And I’ve learned that it’s not that it’s too easy… I paint as often as possible. 

Each piece leads me to the next.

Since this painting fell into place, it’s only right that its title came right to me too… it’s based on my favorite ee cummings poem: since feeling is first.

It’s a little reminder that while “the best gesture of my brain is less than YOUR EYELID’S FLUTTER,” whatever it is that makes you most unique, maybe say your antlers, is even better.

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  1. I must say that I love the end result better. Trust your instinct as that's what makes your paintings so great.

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