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world traveler

TITLE: World Traveler. The Original Mixed Media Painting is available in my etsy shop.

I finally signed up for a yoga class. I have this funny thing with yoga, that I’ve never liked taking classes, yet they’re always good for me. My first class was with this crazy drill sergeant type (totally not the style I take now). I literally got so nervous, I rolled over into the wall and left a huge butt print right in the drywall.

Years later, I end up marrying Brian, who I knew in high school, but who I had no idea would end up getting into yoga. So much so, that this year he graduated from a yoga teacher-training program and will be assisting in my new yoga class. As much as I don’t want to go, it’s that nervous fear kind of feeling mixed with a lot of excitement. I know taking a yoga class makes me feel super vulnerable, yet I know how free I feel when I allow myself to accept and move through that vulnerability into a much stronger place.
It reminds me of this new painting, WORLD TRAVELER. I painted this piece to express the sacredness I feel when I acknowledge my smallness in the universe, when I face the world with an open heart, knowing I’m just one piece of something so infinite. You may notice an eye at her belt. That was completely unintentional, yet so fitting.  I love it when that happens.


  1. i love yoga! it does very much depend on finding a good teacher that you click with though. having your hubby there will be lovely – enjoy it and relax :))

  2. I love yoga… I used to do it !!! It will help you with almost everything… I am happy for you !! nice paint 🙂 lovely as always


  3. I love your World Traveler, but I especially love the words you posted today. I feel this very same way, especially doing something new in front of others. I can SO picture me leaving a butt print on a wall after falling down and hitting everything along the way. When I am nervous I am more clumsy, but also talk more. Ugh. And I am very nervous to join new things where I am not simply a spectator or a listener. I pushed myself this spring and joined a gym for women, “Curves”. I started out scared and feeling small… Recently, I have been unable to go there (6 weeks) so now I have to muster up the courage to back and start again! Anyway, this was wordy, but I love your art and…YOU!

  4. Thank you! I am so happy you all love yoga too!

    And PaperPumpkin, I hope you get to Curves. I was really intimidated to post about my yoga experience. I am so glad you can relate 🙂

    xo, juliette

  5. Juliette ….Great work!!

  6. Hmmm … great thoughts. I think it's so neat that you can express your deep feelings through art. A wonderful gift.

  7. It's sometimes good to go out the comfort zone and I'm sure you'll love the yoga class you signed up for.
    I'm discovering your art and love it (I also was in KRR eclass ;)) !!

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