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Wild & Free Painting GIVEAWAY & Video Sneak Peek

*update: the giveaway has ended. Sharon Landon you are the winner… Congratulations!

A HUGE thank you to everyone for all of your kind words, enthusiasm and support for my new online workshop Wild & Free Painting – A Mini Course In Mixed Media.

I am so excited for this class! We have such an incredible group already. The early bird spaces have sold out, but you can still join us when class begins April 25th.

To celebrate, I’m having a Giveaway (details below).

In Wild & Free Painting, I share many playful techniques and characters to help you feel more free in your artwork and find your own style. By the end of class, you’ll have five freedom-inspired paintings and the template to get you started again and again, so you can keep exploring and develop your own artistic voice.

* Class begins April 25
* Register Here.


Here are the details:
* $55
* 3 Month Payment plans available at checkout
* 1 year access to the classroom
* Forever access to our online community
* See a full list of supplies here

And now for a little video inspiration…


GIVEAWAY! I need your help spreading the word about WILD AND FREE PAINTING – A Mini Course

* To enter, share this blog post link and tag #juliettecrane on your blog, twitter, instagram or Facebook
* Come back here and leave a comment… leave your name and how you shared the post
* For an additional entry, sign up for my newsletter here.
* The winner will receive a spot in Wild & Free Painting
* If you’ve already registered, you can still enter. Choose to be refunded or pass your spot onto a friend
* I’ll randomly choose the winner and announce it here on Friday, April 15, 2016. Check back here on that day to see if you’ve won.

Thank you for helping me spread the word… and good luck in the GIVEAWAY!

This is the perfect class for beginners or for those looking to loosen up and feel more relaxed in your art.

We’ll paint with our fingertips, play with neon colors and have fun with lots of layers. And, with each demo, I’ll use just a few of my favorite basic and inexpensive art supplies, so the class doesn’t need to be a huge investment.

My hope for you in this course, is that you feel more inspired to connect deeply with that part of yourself that just wants to dream, take chances, feel how you’ve always wanted to feel and do the things you have always imagined trying but never thought you could, so you can paint with no right or wrong and create from a place that makes you feel free.

There is 1 year access to the classroom, so even if you don’t have a chance to get to everything now, there’s always plenty of time.

You’ll also have forever access to our online community, which means you’ll always have a place to connect and feel supported with your artistic journey.

Happy painting! xo

Juliette Crane

Ps. If you’d like to get started now, find all of my ongoing online classes here.

Pps. If you want even more inspiration and insights into my creative process, plus some details that I only share in email, sign up for my newsletter here.


  1. I have already signed up for the course as an Early Bird, but I have posted the Giveaway opportunity on Facebook. I am so excited to learn different approaches/ techniques. I tend to be very realistic in my painting and need help with loosening up my style and be more whimsical. I love the energy that your paintings convey! They make me happy and reflective – they are so atmospheric/ evocative. Jumping off points for creativity in myself. Looking forward to it!

  2. Shared on Facebook! Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in this class. Peace, Ronda

  3. Hi Juliette! Liked and shared on my Facebook page. I love your style, it is so raw, so unique, so full of emotion. Can’t wait for the course to start. Please pick me 😉 lol!! Xoxo

  4. Yay! Excited to take this class! I already signed up and published about the class on my blog at as well as tweeted on Twitter and shared on Facebook!

  5. Shared on Twitter

  6. I’ve shared on Facebook… Love your teaching style!
    You are so inspiring

  7. Ooo wow. This is so exciting! I’ve just tweeted! Love your work and would love to win. Thanks so much for the giveaway! 🙂 happy painting!!! @zhowarth

  8. Hi, it’s so nice to see the post with video in it…it make you thing of all the opportunities and just grab something close and start making those marks…. PS I did share your giveaway blog post in my tweeter, fb and google+

    Have a nice and creative weekend,…I already know I will get one email from you tomorrow, so fun, and colorful they are I always love them.

  9. I’d be interested in seeing your workshop…have always back burnered my artistic talents…would love to expand a bit. I’m not a big techy so I shared on Facebook and hashtagged your name along with it. The twitter, etc will have to wait. 🙂

  10. Shared on Instagram… @junebug502

  11. I’d love to win. I signed up for your newsletter and shared on Facebook. Thank you for the oppurtunity.

  12. Hi i have shared at facebook. Have joined ur class Serendipity 2 before n totally love it. Hope i can win this. Finger cross. Matt

  13. I have shared on Facebook. I am already signed up for your newsletter. If I don’t win this I think I can still sign up for your class on the payment plan. Thank you. Love your art.

  14. I shared on Facebook and signed up for the newsletter. I recently discovered your work and I’m completely enamored! Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. I would love to win your class! I shared the link on Twitter. I am busy foster mom to 2 yo and 3 yo brothers. You eco it’s has been my escape for some “me time”. I love your work! ❤️

  16. I shared on my FB page!

  17. Wow, looks like a super fun class. Who wouldn’t want to paint with their fingers and make great art? Thanks for the chance. I shared on FB.

  18. Shared on Twitter Juliette. Loving this new series! So inspirational. LOVE the soft colors. Swoon!

  19. My daughter (7) and I love your beautiful art. I shared on FB.

  20. Done posted it on both Twitter and Facebook

  21. would LOVE to win a spot in your new class! I shared on my facebook page! Thanks!

  22. I shared on Facebook, this looks great 🙂

  23. Just shared on Facebook!!! Looks like a FUN class!!!!

  24. I adore your work and would love to learn some new awesome technique and have fun, shared on facebook. Good luck everyone 🙂

  25. Hi! I’ve shared on my twitter @barbe and on Google+. I’m already a newsletter subscriber.

    HOPE I win, I love this!!!

  26. Looks like fun . I shared on my Facebook and signed up for your news letter.

  27. Shared via Facebook!

  28. Love, love, love your work!! Shared on Twitter and Facebook, and signed up for your newsletter!

  29. I shared this class on Facebook. I really love your style and would love to learn more about your process! Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you!

  30. How exciting Juliette. Thank you!
    i shared your blog post on my FB page and Instagram. I do not have a blog. I already follow you on Instagram and get your newsletter. I would love to take one of your classes. Thank you again. Sue

  31. I shared and hash tagged you on my Facebook. I would love to take this class!

  32. I shared on FB and I already subscribe to your newsletter. Thanks for this give away.

  33. Shared on FB. I would seriously love this. The class looks like fun.

  34. Hi Juliette! I love your style and I’ve enjoyed a couple of your classes but I still find it difficult to let go and be free with my work. This class would be so helpful. Thanks so much for this opportunity.
    Carol Lang

  35. Oh what fun, would luv to win, I really have a hard time playing, this would be just what I need lol
    I subscribed to your blog and shared on twitter.
    Not sure how to share on instagram 🙂
    Good luck everyone

  36. Hi! Thanks for the opportunity to win this workshop. Looks so fun. I shared it on my Heather McGarey Art Facebook page.

  37. Thank Julie for this wonderful opportunity! I shared your post on Facebook.

  38. Shared on Facebook. I love your work and have taken one of your in person classes. I would live to see your style online.

  39. Posted on Facebook! Love your style -whimsical and ethereal… Thank you for the opportunity to win a class!

  40. I would love to win!, thanks for the chance! Shared on Facebook .

  41. Reposted on Instagram and signed up for the newsletter. Looks like a fun course!

  42. Love your work! I shared on Facebook!

  43. Shared on Facebook. How exciting! :o)

  44. Cate Laidler -shared on FB and signed up for news letter – fingers crossed. 🙂

  45. So, shared my love of your work and your 21 Secrets workshop on Facebook. One of the paintings I did for that workshop is my wallpaper on my iPad, and have showed it to many and told them about you. I’d like to be considered to win this workshop. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  46. Thank you for offering this chance.
    I would be thrilled to come take part in your new course.
    I have spent several years searching for my own unique voice…. This course sounds so great for helping determine that.

    I shared the link here:

  47. I shared on FB and signed up for newsletter! I hope I win this 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 !

  48. Shared on my Facebook. I can’t wait for class to start! I’m gathering supplies.

    Oh, i just had an idea. Maybe you already have it? I video where you discuss all the different supplies you use. I was standing in the art aisle of the craft store a little bewildered!

  49. I just tweeted about your class. Thanks for a chance to your class. My tweeter account is kramer_buffy


  50. would love to win!!!!

  51. I love your artwork and would love to be in with a chance to win a place on you workshop. I am not on Facebook or twitter but have shared the link on my blog.

  52. Love your work, and would be so excited to win this giveaway! <3 I shared your blog post as a tweet. Twitter is @thekarabeth

  53. Wow…this is exciting! I’ve never an art coarse with you, but would love a chance! Been following you for quite some time, and your art just speaks to me!! Thank you for the chance to win, and the inspiration!

  54. Shared on Instagram (and indirect on Facebook). Sounds like a wonderful class!

  55. done done and done! On FB, Instagram…and I already receive your wonderful awesome newsletter!! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in this cool class!!

  56. Hi Juliette! I share your page on Facebook. I love your course on happiness! I feel more free and enjoy the imperfection! Thank you and have a nice day!

  57. Hi Juliette
    I shared your blog post on my face book page.
    I have been painting for about a year now and paint most days. I would really love to have a place on your course to help me feel more confident and loose in my work. PS I bought your book a couple of days ago and love it.
    Best Wishes

  58. I’ve already signed up, but shared on Twitter in hopes of winning so that I can gift the spot to my mom 🙂

  59. Share on face book. This looks a fun course 🙂
    ciao Joan in italy

  60. Oh what a cool class this is! I always wanted to see how you make these characters appear

  61. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in this class Juliette 🙂 Shared on Facebook!

  62. I shared the post on Instagram. I’m about to enrol now too. I love your process, so I’m very interested in learning!

  63. It took me two goes to get it right on Twitter…

  64. I shared on Facebook!

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