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why sometimes you just have to enjoy cheese and wine

photo by jessica yach
my phone, which just happened to double as my camera, died these last few days of our vacation. but lucky for me, my friend jess is a super fabulous photographer and snapped these beauties during our stay in point reyes, ca.
now, like i said before, jess and i have this crazy knack for finding brilliant places to stay and the motel invernes was definitely the spot to round out our little roadtrip.
 inverness, ca. photo by jessica yach
i mean, check out this view! it overlooks tomales bay at the Point Reyes National Seashore.

photo by jessica yach
and the place was run by the owners of this house up the road. so the motel had lots of little accents in this same architecture style. 
 photo by jessica yach
up close, it really looks to me like fish scales.
point reyes, ca. photo by jessica yach
the town of point reyes was also filled with lots and lots of fun art and fabulous restaurants. i really thought i’d be doing an entire blog post on all of the terrific food i ate while on vacation, but it was all so good, it was gone before i remembered to take the photo. 
  photo by jessica yach
the really fun thing about point reyes is that it has a fabulous combination of good food and lots and lots of nature from sea shore to redwoods to elk reserves to ranches and incredible marshes! 
while on one of our hikes we saw this gorgeous baby deer right in front of us! two seconds later it’s twin hopped out and they both danced along the path as we walked. and snapped photos! 
 photo by jessica yach
i also got to sit in one of the BIGGEST trees i think i’ve ever seen! see me there? that little mini me on the right side branch. not only was this tree big and beautiful, but it had a wonderful view of the coast. i could’ve sat there for hours and days.


  1. Looks like a perfect spot for wine and cheese..
    Great photos!

  2. fabulous photos! and what a great place, looks like it was a great trip! that tree is Amazing!!

  3. I almost feel like I was there! Great pictures, it sounds like you had a fabulous time. How great it is that you have a travel buddy! What interesting architecture on that house… I love it.

  4. Looks like a lovely trip…

  5. Yum! I would join you for any of this!

  6. Fabulous vacation and lots of fun and relaxation and good food with good friends is the best. Thank you for sharing…

  7. i am so happy you are enjoying your breath….and the sights.
    love to you.

  8. Juliette wine and cheese are always in order! The pictures are amazing especially the ones showing the architecture of the buildings. It was good that your friend was onhand with her camera – I had a camera-caper of my own earlier this week only there was no friend I had to go home and charge the batteries!

  9. these photos are amazing!!!!

    what a fabulous place to stay at….i may have to find out more from you on this!!

    cheese and wine….can't go wrong there!!!


  10. any more questions, just ask away, kolleen! this was such a fabulous trip and i love finding new places and passing them along 🙂

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