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why bloopers + blunders can sometimes lead to slowing down

 TITLE: Spring and the Book Dress. Prints available in my etsy shop.
the other day i was making my peanut butter and banana smoothie and realized i’d inadvertently bought peanut butter with sugar and honey. no big deal, right? but it had been one of those quick stops at the market before catching the film Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky
since we’ve dedicated ourselves to only shopping local farmer’s markets and co-ops, when i realized the market didn’t have much of a selection for natural peanut butter, i hurried and bought a “natural” Smuckers that had a sale sticker.
when i opened the jar and saw all of that sugar on the label, i knew i should have slowed down. i know better than to cut corners. i am a big believer in doing things your best the first time. and i realized, i’ve been totally in my head this last week.
 TITLE: Forever Young. The Original Painting and Prints are available in my etsy shop.
yet even after this realization that i’ve been all in my head and not present enough, i carried my smoothie (and grabbed a cup of coffee to multi-task) so i could have breakfast and get some work done outside. and as i opened the sliding door, balancing everything at once, i poured smoothie all over the floor.

then, what did i do? i rejuggled everything! i rebalanced the smoothie and coffee cups and wound up spilling the entire cup of coffee straight down my white shirt!

  TITLE: Earth Mother. Prints available in my etsy shop.
luckily, i can laugh at myself. and i didn’t care much about my shirt. but keep in mind, all of this came right after a beautiful yoga session on the backyard patio. so i know i had been trying to rebalance and get back to a schedule that included yoga, journaling and walks. but even still, everything was squeezed into and not breathable.

and of course these were super little things in the scheme of it all. but i am learning, slowly, to listen to those little whispers and slow down and remain present before any bigger bloopers and blunders take place. i’m remembering it’s all right to do things one at a time. and not everything needs to get done right now.

TITLE: ME and MY MONSTER. The Original Painting has SOLD. Prints are available in my etsy shop.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing ~ I need to remember this constantly! But I am totally going to do yoga in my yard this weekend and maybe even actually take my dusty art easel outside (weather permitting) and try to create something….
    It is a long time coming.
    you are a constant inspiration! 🙂
    thank you!

  2. its been a busy week for me and i def have had to stop and BREATHE:O)Too many BEES to paint outside:( Ive tried only to run screaming. Thanks for sharing:O) Love your art

  3. Love it that you laughed at yourself! And SO happy that we will be together at AAJ. So much painting and so much fun coming our way!

  4. that sounds like a wonderful plan, tiffany.

    i'm sorry to hear you have too many bees, isabel. i hope you get some time to create or do whatever it is you love most.

    xoxo, juliette

  5. Sooooooo excited about being at AAJ together! It is going to be fantastic

    Can't wait to see the feature on Crescendoh. Go girl!!

  6. Thanks for making me laugh this morning! As always it's fun to start the day looking at great art.

  7. hi juliette,
    good reminders for the day…sometimes it feels like i'm already years behind (of what? some schedule or the progress of the person next to me?) so i feel the need to strive. enough is enough. we do what we can and learn to enjoy life along the way, laughing at ourselves as we go. i need to be reminded! 🙂 jan

  8. I'm reminded to slowdown like that as well…

  9. Dearest Julitte, thank you so much for such a wonderful reminder of such a beautiful sentiment ~ “slowdown”. I totally need this for the big weekend. Your story made me giggle…thanks so much for sharing! I am loving your Earth Mother painting lots! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  10. LOL Juliette! We ALL need to remind ourselves to slow down, thanks for sharing! It puts me in mind of something I say to myself when I start having one of those speed-wobble days: “The hurried-er I go, the behind-er I get!” I don't know where that saying comes from, but I like it! Have a great day!

  11. Thanks for the story Julie it reminded me to not only slow down but to get back to my schedule on Monday.

    I like to walk in the evenings now when it's cool.

  12. Hi Juliette. All your works are very beautiful. You have a very good style. You're a great artist. congratulations.

  13. awesome technique! wonderful illustration(s)!

  14. i can't believe i just found you…
    i'm in madison, too….and love art !!
    my passion though now is and will always be photography.

    i have been to squam for an art retreat and i take classes at valley ridge in muscoda….which you would love.

    i found you from another blogger who loves your work and saw it hanging in the coffee shop on monroe street {nacherluver}

    anyhow, if you ever want to meet, i'd love to !

    and lucky you, going to the art retreat in february….nina bagley will be there and i have taken her class at valley ridge…..

    oh, and your art….love it !

    do you know misty mawn ?…..she's a friend of mine 🙂
    and i have met kelly rae in person……she's a fun one !

  15. Lovely illustration. Beautiful style.

  16. Oh my god, you are singing my song! I'm not sure how many times I've done the balancing act when I'm in a rush, and how many times it all came tumbling down, usually on me. Slow down, yes!

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