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Developing Your Style + WHIMSICAL ANIMALS Registration Is Open

Many of you have been asking about my whimsical animals painting classes and I’m so excited to open Early Registration on Whimsical Animals – Mixed Media Painting.

In this 12 Week workshop, you’ll learn to paint owls, rabbits, bears, foxes, lions and so much more.

I wanted to create a course that would help you build a library of characters and creatures that you could quickly create and then easily add to in a style that is unique to YOU.

Find More Details and Register Here.

Here is a little video preview…


For years, I stopped painting. All of my artwork ended up in the basement or trash. Then I lost my job. To heal my spirit, I went back to what I loved most as a child – taking my art supplies into the backyard and creating.

Now I’ve fallen in love with mixed media painting and out of all of the painting techniques I’ve ever tried, the one thing I always return to is remembering to have fun. This brings joy into the process, which inevitably gets infused into your artwork and always makes anyone who sees it smile.

In the videos, I talk you through my painting process, letting you know when I’ve made a mistake or when I’m not liking my painting and how I work through it, so you can be more free.

I’ll share many projects you can do in under fifteen minutes with just a few supplies, so even if you never have enough time or space, you can still paint.

You can find all of the details and watch more videos for Whimsical Animals here.

Happy painting!
xo Juliette

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  1. Dear Juliette,

    I recently commented on your beautiful trees on your Instagram…
    Well, I’ve found you and I want to read on and on…I’m so in awe of what little I’ve already seen and read. I keep going to close your site but find I carry on reading, eager to look at more but I have to get to my bed! It’s 12.30 a.m. here in the UK! It’s a little like opening a box of chocolates…you want to eat them all at once but know that you must savour each one.

    It’s has been my birthday today-the 25th- and your website has been a lovely thing to add to my gifts. I can’t wait to explore….

    Thank you for sharing your gifts.

    Kind thoughts & wishes

    p.s. I will be looking at your courses when I have more time.

    • Hi Clara! I hope you enjoyed a lovely birthday! Thank you SO much for your kind words. I hope my posts can continue to inspire you! It’s wonderful to connect 🙂

      xo Juliette

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