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When Is A Painting Finished?

Lately I’ve been conscious of taking a step back from a painting, before I overwork it.

There have been too many times, where I look back at my in progress photos and wish I would’ve left the painting loose and more free.

In my paintings, I go through so many layers and cover things up so many times, that people always ask, “How do you know when a painting is done?” And I’d have to say, it’s really more of a feeling than anything I notice visually.

Over time, I’ve recognized that feeling… a sort of ahh, deep breath moment where I can step back and feel like I’ve most accurately expressed my feelings on the page.

Noticing that’s the feeling I usually get when a painting is completed has helped me not overdo it when my mind kicks in and keeps me painting.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

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