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what's inspiring me

the last few weeks i’ve been signed up for a wheel throwing ceramics class! i cannot even tell you how much fun this has been! i try to always take at least one class that’s outside of my comfort zone. earlier in the summer, it was a yoga class (which i loved!). but i hadn’t done wheel throwing since college and i wanted to start at the beginning. 
what i realized is that i am terrible on the wheel! but i have a ton of fun making a mess in an art studio!
so, i threw lots of these cylinders with a wider bottom. everyone in class seemed to have a shape they just couldn’t get away from.
and this was mine.
i also realized just how much i love glazing! i mean, painting has always been my favorite thing, and splattering paint and taking risks with the brush strokes and patterns, in this case, was definitely what i looked forward to.
so much so, that by the middle of class, i’d given up wheel throwing and replaced it with hand-building.
because, after all, what’s the fun in creating something that looks just like everybody else’s anyways? 
so as this class comes to an end, what’s next? i’m thinking kick boxing or some sort of martial arts. it’s something i’ve always wanted to get back into after taking a phenomenal kick boxing class the summer after high school. there’s something about being fit and strong and knowing how to defend yourself (whether you have to or not). with wintertime setting in, movement and knowing how to move is exactly what i’m needing.
happy creating everyone!


ps. my first holiday ornament made it to it’s new home 🙂


  1. Great creative stretching to take classes outside your comfort zone!!

  2. beautiful ceramics! my son took a class and i love everything he created. oh i wish i didn't have to have a full time job…i'd join you in all these different classes. this winter i plan on getting back into dancing. as much as i want to hibernate, i know i will feel better about myself and get more accomplished if i'm strong and healthy. i'd love to see you do some kick boxing!! lol xo

  3. ~each piece is wonderful…my littles have been taking pottery for three years now and i am always fascinated by what they create!!! i wish you well on your journey of discovering all that lies ahead waiting for you to try…warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. Wonderful pottery! I always thought I would like to make pottery until I tried it last year. I can't stand the clay drying on my hands. I have a lovely sushi plate to show for my efforts though.

    Kickboxing sounds fun! Have you ever tried Zumba? It is extremely fun exercise!

  5. these are beautiful juliette! I need to get more creative with my glazing!! they look great!
    I vote for boxing for your next adventure! 🙂

  6. Hi Juliette. I think it's great to make plans on what comes next. You look pretty fit, so you'd be able to learn kick boxing pretty quick and probably be very good at it. Have a great weekend and I think you did a great job in your pottery work. A sense of self. Thanks for sharing.

  7. how cool. i've always wanted to do that. maybe 2011 is the year!!! urs looks great!

  8. I miss ceramics so much! It's funny, because everyone in our class also had a shape we couldn't get away from! Mine was also wider at the base, but a more oval shape… I couldn't get away from rounded shapes!

    These are so lovely and it looks like you had a wonderful time!

  9. Super cute! It's always fun to try new things because you never know what will stick!

  10. Love love love. I have never done the hand throwing, but used to study ceramics so it was all about mouldmaking! These are lovely Juliette….I see a line with your gorgeous owls on, emerging. xx

  11. Oh sweet Juliette, ive always wanted to try out ceramics! Your creations are so gorgeous and sweet! Love them so much! Im inspired and might look for some classes here! Maybe we will see some ceramics creations in your shop in the future? 🙂 Have a lovely merry happy week and love ot you!

  12. Juliette, I love those pots. I am a ceramist but never have tried the weel. I would love to do so. I am loking forward to take some classes in thenear future. I always work with slabs of clay! I read also the most recent post and I love the story and the pic are gorgeous. I enjoyed so much reading it!
    wishig you a lovely week!

  13. What a fun class. I can definitely see me being all about the painting part of the pottery. I love how you can take a class, and you all get the same instruction, but each person interprets it their own way and comes up with their own style. That's a good illustration.

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