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What I’ve Learned As A Full-Time Artist + Entrepreneur

A few years ago, I wrote a novel about a magical world.

I was one of 14 writers accepted into a 6 week writing workshop on the east coast. And when I finished my novel, I flew out to Washington DC to meet with my ideal literary agent.

But then I got super scared and burned out.

Because of that burn-out, I needed to heal my spirit, so I started painting in my backyard… even though I hadn’t painted in ages. It was the thing I loved to do most as a child. I dug out all of the art supplies I’d been hiding away and spread them in the grass with a few old canvases.

Then I started to play.

And that’s how all of my whimsical paintings and life as a full-time artist and entrepreneur began.

In February 2012 I took time to reread my novel, but my heart just wasn’t into it. Instead, I started some large scale paintings, but I couldn’t finish a single one.

I was so intimidated by having to fill up a big canvas and didn’t want to waste all of my expensive art supplies.

So I went back to my small paintings. And a funny thing happened… I let go and started playing with paint again. I forgot about having any sort of my own style to maintain and just went with it and had fun.

When I took a step back, I realized these new fun paintings were characters from my novel! Finally, I could see more of what I needed to write. And now I know my paintings need to be published along with my novel.

It seems, for me, that’s how my creative process works – I take a little from here and get stuck. Then I go over here and hit another creative block. Then I start a new project and, somehow, it all fits together.

Sometimes it’s the letting go and having faith that’s the hardest part.

Thank you for all of your love and support.
xo, Juliette

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