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Welcome to my New Website (Plus A Week Of Giveaways!)

Juliette Crane

Photo by Stephanie Claire Birr

I’m celebrating the launch of my new blog and website with a WEEK OF GIVEAWAYS (details below). If you’d like a little reminder for when the GIVEAWAYS begin on Monday, subscribe to this blog in the sidebar.


If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that I have been busy working with my lovey husband and web developer Brian Knapp of Humanityllc to bring you this beautiful new website!

It’s something that has been on our minds for some time and the design changed many, many times over the last few months.

You can subscribe to this new blog by entering your email at the top of the sidebar or add this blog to your RSS reader of choice by clicking here.

I am SO proud of every single page and all of the little details too like…

*The fabulous new online courses page, so you can find and compare all of my classes in one place

*The free videos page, featuring lots of happy painting all in one place

*The amazing art gallery

*The super amazing compliments page (which made my heart break so many times over as I was putting the testimonials and artwork together… you all make me remember my purpose and just why I share all I do every day. Thank you!)

*And a Resources page for you to know answers to the questions I get asked most often like how I print my prints, what lighting and camera setup I use and how I got published in magazines.

My old website was one that I designed and built and its served me through so many life refocuses… from freelance web designer and developer to photographer to graphic designer (all of which have been super helpful skills to have as I made my way into full time artist, storyteller and adventurer).

Now my focus is fully on sharing my creative process with you in my videos and online courses and working on new creative projects that make my heart swoon. I have so many ideas and stories in the works and it feels so good to finally have a website that represents where I am now.

I am SO thankful to you for all of your kindness and support along this amazing journey. And I can’t wait to keep sharing even more imagination and creativity with you!

To celebrate it all, I am hosting A WEEK OF GIVEAWAYS! Right here on my blog, ALL NEXT WEEK!

Beginning with a free spot in my online course HOW TO PAINT AN OWL 2 on Monday, November 11.

If you know of anyone that might like to take part, feel free to spread the word on facebook, twitter and google+, using the links at the end of this post. And share my newsletter too.

See you here Monday when a WEEK OF GIVEAWAYS begins!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Ps. A HUMONGOUS THANK YOU to my husband Brian of Humanityllc for all of his work on this new website and blog!

Juliette Crane


  1. I love your new site and am totally in love with your mixed media technique. Your owls are mesmerizing.

  2. That sound good…..would love to win a free spot =)

  3. Love the new site, everything in one place, that is awesome! I am so enjoying Serendipity and the Nov project is going to be fun, I’ve been wanting to add in cattle or horses/livestock to my paintings! I think goats would be fun too. Thanks for your generosity with your gifts and inspiration!

  4. I love the look of your new blog. It’s so easy to navigate through. I would love to win a spot in your class! Thanks for the chance.

  5. Lovely! And very inspiring.

  6. Love you art….watching you soar.

  7. Hello Juliette,
    I have only recently discovered you and your amazing work and I am so excited about your new website. Your husband is super talented (just like you), it all looks stunning and is wonderfully user friendly. I am off to explore it some more 🙂 Hugs Vicky ♥ ♥

  8. You have a unique style. Love it so much!!!!!

  9. Love the new website. I would love to win a spot in ” How to Paint an Owl”.
    Thanks for the chance!!

  10. I am in awe, I love the new website and cant wait to start class!!!xoxox Heidi

  11. Oh love your new website!! I love the page with all your artwork together. How inspiring and also uplifting! I can just go there when I am having a bad day. 🙂 Your hubby and you did a great job! 🙂

  12. I have followed your lovely website/blog since taking Tam’s 2012 Life Book. Your teaching video was extremely well done, easy to follow and as a newbie to art and art journaling, I had a lot of fun!

  13. Love your blog, and your work is fantastic!

  14. Hi Donna, you and your “team” did a fabulous job, it looks great!
    It is YOU!!!
    thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us, and I save money for your great courses!

  15. Love the new look website. Your work has inspired me to paint with more freedoms in my application of brush strokes and just to have fun with layering.

  16. Your new site looks great!
    Your husband did a wonderful job.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win your giveaway


  17. i love your mixed media art. i found you on youtube and fell in love with your whimsical creations! i hope to some day ‘grow up’ to be an artista like you…lol, over 50 here….:D

  18. Thank you so much! fingers crossed!!

  19. Love your work and hope to be able to take one of your classes soon. Thanks so much!

  20. Love the new website and blog. Can’t wait to sign up and take a class from you. Just came across your website and fell in love with your style. Your images are mesmerizing!

  21. I love your new website! You are a very talented artist, and I really admire your work. Hillary

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