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weekend adventuring!

these days i just can’t get enough summertime-flowers, long walks and exploring new parks! 

last weekend we did a bit of adventuring in a nearby nature conservancy. the 5 mile hike was just amazing and took us through farmlands, woods, marsh and prairie!

i snapped so many flower photos! i just adored all of the natural shapes and think they just might find a place in the new paintings i’ve been working on!


a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for your support during last week’s shop update! Thank you so much!


  1. Of course I just adore all of these flower shots. Wish we were that green here in Texas, I miss all of that color!

  2. Where is this? It's so beautiful!

  3. it's right in middleton, wisconsin…the Pheasant Branch Conservancy. just beautiful and so much to explore!

  4. Des photos magnifiques et reposantes…
    gros bisous

  5. wow you realy do live in a beautifull country, there's sooo much space!
    Love the pics you took.

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