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(VIDEO) Faces Mixed Media Portraits – Registration Is Open

Painting has always been a healing process for me.

Yet I struggled whenever I came to covering up the white space and knowing what to paint.

It wasn’t until I snapped in-progress photos of my paintings that I realized I felt every painting has an ugly stage. And at that stage, I’d always get frustrated and feel like I couldn’t finish another painting.

That negative self talk completely took the fun out of painting. But once I realized it happened to me every time, I learned to turn off my inner critic.

Now I think it’s really lovely to create something you think looks too awkward or not completely perfect with eyes that are a little wonky or hair that’s extra big.

To me, it is the imperfections that make things the most beautiful and unique.

To celebrate you following your inspirations, I’m opening Early Registration for my Faces Mixed Media Portraits class (details below).

Here are a few videos… I hope it all keeps you inspired!




Faces Mixed Media Portraits – Early Registration Is Open!

I’m so excited to paint with everyone in Faces Mixed Media Portraits.

If you’d like to paint together this summer, registration is open until August 13th, and you can find all of the details here.

I created Faces class to help you overcome creative blocks and find your style, especially when painting eyes and faces.

In this online workshop, we’ll paint all sorts of whimsical characters and animals – with primitive faces, imperfect faces, cat faces, bear faces, soft faces, wild faces and so much more. We’ll also add shading, focus on eyes, layer with collage, experiment with nontraditional art supplies and loosen up with paintings in our sketchbooks.

In every video I also share how I work through my struggles and frustrations, especially when I’m not liking a face.

3 Month Payment Plans are available and class starts August 6th.

*Early Registration is open. Use code EARLY at checkout. (limited spaces)*

If you know someone who has been looking to find more joy, feel free to share these videos with them (you can use the share buttons below).

Thank you for all of your love and support!

Happy painting!
xo, Juliette

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