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two new owl paintings + prints

TITLE: Autumn Wind. The Original Painting + Prints available in my etsy shop.
We are having the perfect autumn! The trees are turning lovely colors and the sky has just been this amazing blue! So naturally, my paintings these days seem to be all dressed in deep burgundy and gold. 
I painted AUTUMN WIND to express the joy I feel watching the leaves fall. It’s just so magical, walking down the street with leaves just twisting and turning all around you.
  TITLE: Autumn Wind. The Original Painting + Prints available in my etsy shop.
I’ve been trying to make my studio a bit more efficient too. You can see in this photo, I started two separate dishes for my pastels-one filled with the colors I use all the time for faces and another for all the rest. It makes it so much easier to find what I need and to clean up my table. I did the same things with separate cups for all of my Decocolor Paint Markers and Pitt Pens.
Those are supplies I use all the time for every painting, but I was always misplacing them under paper or another canvas or whatever. I’m really trying to make my process flow as fun as possible so creating can be all about playing.
  TITLE: Remembering Her Past She Renewed. The Original Painting + Prints available in my etsy shop.
And this painting is all about remembering home and honoring where we came from. I had these fabulous vintage photos from the lovely Jennifer over at Sacred Cake. They seem perfect for the belly and moon and I love that you have to look a bit closer to find what’s inside.  


ps. get a sneak peek inside my home with a HOME TOUR post coming on MONDAY!

pps. if you’re interested in knowing a little bit more about my creative life, the lovely jan has an interview over at her blog hazelnut cottage today! You can read it right here.


  1. Keep those beauties coming Juliette! I LOVE FALL and the colors that surround us! We can`t help but be hugely inspired. Your work is growing more and more beautiful! xo

  2. I just LOVE love love your owls! Hoot hoot! I really love the way you incorporated the vintage photos – how personal. Lovely.

  3. The two paintings are very beautiful.. I like a lot of of that that has a small collage…. it is so luminous.
    Have a beautiful lukewarm and gold weekend of autumn.

  4. Oh…I love the colors Juliette! I'm such a color fiend!

    I feel for you, trying to organize your studio. I am in the process of moving so my studio is a disaster right now. Some stuff packed, stuff I'm getting rid of, just a mess! Good luck with your organizing

  5. Juliette! i love the freshness of your blog! it is so inspirational..that I want to chance mine to clean and crisp whites too!

    just thought I'd let you know that!

    your paintings are adorable….the blending of your colours…and all of your tantalizing supplies….drool worthy!

    thanks for sharing!

    ciao bella


  6. You're in the zone, baby, when you misplace your art supplies!! My studio space looks like Hurricane Gwynnie touched down when I'm in one of my frenzied art making spasms!!

    Love the colors and the meaning behind this wonderful piece. Perfect for today with the changing of the seasons…

  7. Hi Juliette,
    Thanks so much for your support and wishes over at my blog, they mean so much more than you know.
    I LOVE your owl paintings, heck I love owls period. Now I must “run” over to your Etsy shop and feast on the beauty there!

  8. its lovely to hear a snap shot of your creative life. well done on the sorting and lots of lovely owls pour from your soul.

  9. Lovely! I adore Autumn Wind!

  10. Wow – that's a serious spray paint collection… Are you sure you are not into graffiti! Love your work, your blog…and the studio pics… My studio looks it was attacked by a tornado on most days. Thanks your lovely commment on my Soggy Dog Studio blog!:) xo -Kim

  11. Hey Juliette! Thank you for your kindness on my blog! I definitely want to go to art n soul next year. Luck you to be going to Artful Journey. I'm sure it'll be amazing! Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you now too. 🙂

  12. I love your beautiful bird paintings 🙂 AND your blog! I'm so glad you found me, and then… I found you!

    Thank you for sharing your art 🙂

    xo Kate

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