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turn your fears into gratitude

i’ve started my journey into exploring larger paintings! sometimes it feels like there’s just so much space to fill. but i’m learning in my daily life to leave room for open spaces and what i call nothingness. those times when you’re not just in between tasks or to-dos, but you really feel that there’s nothing planned and you don’t even have to fill your time with something productive. i’m remembering to just sit and sketch or even just sit and be.
this new painting came out of those feelings. i found these vintage shopping lists in my paper drawer and filled them with words expressing all of my fears and dreams and every moment that makes me feel awkward and out of place. then i adhered these words right to this owls belly and smack as the boldest moon in the sky to remind me to TURN YOUR FEARS INTO GRATITUDE.


  1. Oh Juliette, this owl (I was going to call it a she?) is beautiful!!! I LOVE her/him. The whole painting is bold and colorful and bright. I adore the story behind it.

    Thank you for this post. Both the words and the painting really spoke to me.

    Have a great week!

  2. Perfect places to put those words-in the dreamy moon and close to the heart of the owl. I love the sky in this painting.

  3. Wonderful! I always have trouble working large.

  4. thank you! i'm really loving playing with paint on these bigger canvases and am thinking about going even BIGGER!


  5. Beau2ful! She is so bright against the night sky.

  6. Juliette, this is a lovely painting and such a great reminder.

  7. What a beautiful painting Juliette! So glad you are making the plunge and going big. It's always fun to challenge yourself. =)

  8. Just beautiful.

  9. Oh this is lovely, so great to see you do a large piece. Your colours are so rich and vibrant, you've managed to keep everything I love about your smaller work and translate it to a larger canvas. I've just bought a larger canvas than I normally work on and I'm trying to visualise how to fill it!

  10. how completely dear is this?!
    & as it becomes bigger, look at
    that big love coming out of your
    lovely's face?!!
    so much to be grateful here in your beauty.

  11. i like the larger format…..

    and devils lake….i love that spot so much !

    and congrats on pasquals !… !!…i'll have to get myself over there 🙂

  12. How gorgeous! I love the deep blue sky and the way the trees are lit from behind. The lighting and shadows here are so lovely!

  13. Ooooh! Stunning and gorgeous! I love the rich colors and the beautiful pattern in the sky. Bigger is good!

  14. I love this new painting. Your owls always amaze me, they are so cute and wise. Yes!

  15. What a beautiful piece Juliette. I especially like how you did the sky and the trees.

    Have fun branching out into big!

  16. ooooo so beautiful. Its so good letting in that space and seeing what delightful things start to fill it, things we have been wishing for all along. xxx

  17. Gorgeous painting and fabulous message. Thanks so much for sharing inspiration and beauty.

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