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TRUST – a New Mixed Media Painting

TRUST. 11 x 14 inches. Canvas Panel.
Original Available here ($145). Prints in my etsy shop.

This lion is all about having faith in just what is calling you, knowing that in dreaming big and following your heart, you will remain on the right path. All you need to do is TRUST.

to create this painting, i had to really trust in the creative process… it went through a lot of different layers…

i always knew where this character belonged on the canvas, but getting the color to reflect what i’d been feeling took a lot of different trials. and sometimes finding the right color can be more frustrating than having trouble uncovering the actual character because it feels like i’m just wasting paint.

but i know when i find the right color and background for my character. and it’s always important for me to keep playing and having fun with the process.

TRUST. 11 x 14 inches. Canvas Panel.
Original Available here ($145). Prints in my etsy shop< /a>.

you can really see and appreciate in these up-close shots, how every layer added so much depth!


ps. i’m so excited to now offer my HOW TO PAINT AN OWL class as a self-paced, instant-access online painting workshop…where the classroom stays open for at least a year! so you’ll have plenty of time to paint! register right here!

pps.tomorrow i’ll be sharing my first CREATIVE SUGAR story! a new weekly blog project, featuring inspiring, every day stories from around the world! call for submissions coming soon…


  1. Love that you're sharing your creative process, Juliette. Because sometimes at some stages of a painting, we can all feel that it's not going to work. And here you are, showing us that a little persistence at keep doing what you love, and trusting your intuition, will get you to a beautiful place. So just simply enjoy the process!
    BTW, I'm so so excited to join your owl class. Can't believe my luck when my name was picked from Tam's bowl! I want to use things I'm learning in your workshop on my snakes. I just can't stop the snakes now I found out what they mean as an animal totem!

  2. another favorite/i lovelovelove your lion
    + (his?) message of trust! huge embrace! xox

  3. that is so fun to hear about you and the snakes! i can't wait to see more of your work in HOW TO PAINT AN OWL! thank you so much for your feedback too…i love to share my creative process and it's wonderful to hear it's inspiring to you!

    best wishes!

  4. thank you! i love it when the creative process and start to finish photos are telling of a painting's title 🙂

  5. I took a long break from this blog, but have been following you on facebook. I love your sense of play in your work… It really does show up in the layers and depth. The 2 owl prints I bought from you are in places of great honor… “What Lies Ahead” is framed in rustic whitewashed wood in my granddaughter's room and “Grace” is against the mirror on my dresser with my other special whimsical girls (a sculpted wood fairy, a dragonfly moon spirit doll from my favorite doll artist, a ceramic Indian maiden my late mother made, my own art doll “The Magi,” and my grandmother's artglass Madonna. You truly inspire me.

  6. that means the world, dianne! thank you!

  7. I so love it that you trust your process and you work shows your light coming through, beautiful. xox

  8. I think the only way someone can truly understand and enjoy the process your photo's show is to actually take one of your classes and watch you DO the paintings. Looking at the pictures I can almost hear you talking to your painting as you're working. I think of all the artists I've taken classes from, YOU'RE PROCESS feels the most like mine. I love watching you paint!!! xxoo

  9. wow – what a lot of stages your owl went through – really great to see the stages and how it evolved 🙂

  10. I love seeing the steps. It is true,,, nothing is lost, even elements “covered up”… really add to all the layers following… trust indeed.

    I appreciate you taking the time to share your steps!

  11. Thank you! You’ve inspired me to finish up a video project I’ve been working on 🙂

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