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time for a grill out!

getting people together for dinner parties is one of my favorite things. and in summer, that so often means grilling out!
and what better occasion to get together at a friend’s place, pull out all of the lovely vintage tableware and cook!
we had two grills going…one for veggies and one for meats.
we grilled a bit of butternut squash, apple, and potatoes with thyme.
friends brought tabbouleh (made with herbs straight from her garden!),
and there were some fabulous dipping sauces too… like a homemade barbecue, spicy chipotle, and my favorite-a chipotle mayonnaise!
for dessert, we also enjoyed a homemade pear schnapps and grilled pears brushed with molasses over vanilla bean ice cream…but it was all gone before i even thought to take photos!
have a lovely weekend, everyone!


  1. Yum! That all looked so pretty and delicious!

  2. oh my! HUGE YUMMY YUMMY. its raining here today so no alfresco dining for moi! xx

  3. The cook out looks delicious, Juliette! It was so cool to see that someone brought tabbouleh. I have been on a kick making tabbouleh myself the last week or so and will be making another batch tonight to bring to a potluck tomorrow. I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. it's perfect for a potluck, holly! enjoy 🙂

  5. yummy! i love your vintage wares! so cool! sounds like a wonderful evening. xo

  6. Looks good and I love the vintage dinnerware!

  7. Hello! I just wanted to come and tell you I was just looking through Somerset Gallery, and I spotted your work immediately. I love the girl too. I love when I can see an artists style way before reading their names! I love following your blog, and congrats on Artfest. This is so exciting. I wish I would go! …this food looks magnificent!

    My best,

  8. it all looks delicious.
    I love summer and bbqing… mainly because my husband cooks and I don't…..

  9. Mmmmm bbq!! It's been so cold and rainy here we haven't been able to pull out the grill out but looking at your photos is making my mouth water!

    And p.s. your vintage dinnerware is simply fabulous. I'm totally smitten

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