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things that make me smile [yellow edition]

The sparks of light in peacock feathers,
well worn patches in a hand-sewn quilt,

wearing scarves in fall,
giving sunflowers to dinner hosts,

and the perfect summer dress for a night of live music.

{photos by stephanie claire birr}


  1. a wonderful happy post – i love sunflowers too and scarves in the fall!

  2. Lovely – thank you for sharing your happy inspiring pics.

  3. Beautiful pictures – this is my favourite set :o)

  4. Very lovely yellow edition 🙂
    Has your painting been in a yellow mood today too ?

  5. went to milawukee for the day…but i did happen to pick up the most beautiful summer dress covered in a lemon print 🙂

  6. I think yellow is the color of happiness…..wonderful post!

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