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things that make me smile in the summertime

Flowers that look like they’re dancing together,

my new lemon-covered sundress,
walking through fields of cattails that are so much taller than me,
listening to lily pads swish together with the waves,
laying beneath the flowering trees and looking up into the clear blue sky,


  1. loving the yellow hues. very grey & wintery here. looking forward to the warmth of summer and smiling with you. i ♥ the dress.

  2. This is my favourite 'things that make me smile' so far!!

  3. thanks! i'm so excited to wear that dress…it's perfect for a picnic! sending lots of warm weather your way 🙂


  4. Ah your summer looks lovely…wish I could visit for a spell. We are having a very cool summer (if you can call it that) and yours looks heavenly.

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