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Things That Make Me Smile

Having this nature trail one block from my house,

blooming trees and blue sky,

hearts on the sidewalk,

waterfalls (this one happens to be a photo I took outside Melbourne, Australia),

and finding super fun and weird things on my evening walks.


  1. you lucky girl! That would make it so much easier to get some exercise in daily. There is a river with a trail about 10 minutes from my home, and I hardly ever think to walk down there….
    how cute is that last photo, lol!

  2. Beautiful…love the waterfalls! And the last photo is hilarious!
    Have a happy day!

  3. great HAPPY post! thanks love!!

  4. Lovely photos!! That last one is so funny!!!!

  5. I TOTALLY LOVE that walking trail so close to your house!!!! I would SO LOVE to have one of those to call my own. Keep creating your beautiful paintings Juliette… xo

  6. Great walking trail and I love your heart find. I am always looking for a heart now, it helps you look at the world with diffrent eye's. I call them hearts of nature.

  7. totally love that second picture!

  8. oh how wonderful!!! these make me smile too…wonderful photos!!!

  9. LOVE the walking trail so close to your house….divine, quiet and wonderful. 🙂 thanks for this happy post. xx

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