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Things That Make Me Smile

Yummy dessert crepes with tiny umbrellas,
 lilies that somehow remind me of tigers,
 finding numbers on the sidewalk,
super cute baby bunnies hanging out on my garden path,
 handmade peace signs on my neighbor’s fence,
 red headed woodpeckers,
 and beautiful blue painted owls.


  1. So nice. These made me smile too. Happy Wednesday.

  2. Love your happy piccies, especially the homemade peace sign. oh and yummy desert….. have great day! x

  3. Aww those gorgeous piccies make me smile too – big broad grins as a matter of fact!!
    Wishing you continued joy today, my flying friend.
    Hugs Jo xxx

  4. I'm smiling now, too! I LOVE the homemade peace sign!

  5. So happy you are all smiling now too 🙂

    Have a Happy Wednesday!

  6. Lovely! Great post and photos. I'm going to have to make my own list. I love this idea! You must live in a beautiful place! Love the neighbor's peace sign!

  7. those made me smile too — especially the bunnies! 😉

  8. I've never seen a crepe look so elegant!

  9. Madison, Wisconsin IS beautiful and actually full off peace signs, Carrie 🙂

    The crepe is from a place in Andersonville in Chicago, Denalee. I think I took photos of everything on the table that night. All so beautiful and elegant!

  10. Lovely post. And you should add your photo with your super cute smile! Happy smiling…

  11. Holy moly! I am so glad that you commented on my blog so that I would make it to YOURS! Talk about things that make me smile! I could stay here all day!! I I just might…

    So nice to “meet” you here!


  12. Cute post! I like those things too…

  13. The crepes definitely make me smile, rabbits and woodpeckers too. We have a woodpecker , called Emily that visits our garden often, Great post.

  14. These are beautiful, made me smile too!

  15. qué bellas fotografías, los crepes con las sombrilas se ven tan deliciosos!!, y me gusta ese amor que desprenden tus imágenes por la naturaleza, por las cosas cotidianas, un saludo y un abrazo grande!!

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