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Things That Make Me Smile

 and more flowers blooming in my garden,
 the one bit of greenspace we saw from beneath our Chicago condo balcony,
concerts on the square in Madison, WI. every Wednesday evening during the summer,

 and fresh cantaloupe juice, especially when enjoyed with good friends at vegetarian restaurants.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous. Especially like the fresh cantaloupe juice photo on the lovely matching table cloth. Maybe one of the colors ill be challenging in August. 😉 Have a fabulous weekend xx

  2. Beautiful! Flowers sure do make me smile, too. This icy drink looks so good right now. I have never heard of fresh cantalope juice…yumm.

  3. That was the first I'd heard of cantaloupe juice too and it was so perfect for summer! And a beautiful color!

  4. I love your little purple feet and that cantaloupe juice looks yummy!

  5. so cute you noticed my purple feet, beth. fuzzy purple slippers that had to go a few years ago 🙂

  6. oh so many people in the blog world are off having such fun! looks wonderful and such beautiful colours 🙂


  7. i too, have to admit that i have never heard of cantaloupe juice {that.s also a hard word to spell}..
    but as i ate really cold cantaloupe for breakfast this morning…i thought, i wonder what else you can do with a cantaloupe?
    now i know!
    great photos.

  8. Those are some gorgeous flowers! I am now in the mood for some cantaloupe! Cold as Chrissy mentioned…


  9. Love the pics especially those GORGEOUS flowers!!!

  10. beautiful pictures! And that juice looks so tasty!

  11. Cantaloupe juice? That sounds sooooo yummy! Beautiful flowers… I bet the red ones in the top photo are great for attracting hummingbirds!

  12. Really gorgeous photos sweet Juliette! I love flowers and i love the color pink! Thanks for making me smile! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  13. beautiful flowers that cat jackets. A green greeting

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