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  1. The last one especially made me smile too!

  2. aww very sweet images I love the pinks throughout all of these. Thanks for making me smile ♥

  3. they made me smile too! =)

  4. Wonderful images! Question–Do you mind if I use an image of your artwork on my blog tomorrow? I mention your art and site and I'd like to share one of your pieces? Let me know if that is okay with you and if you have a particular image you want me to use! Thanks:)

  5. that's super sweet of you, carrie. thank you! i definitely don't mind anyone featuring any of my artwork on their blog, as long as I am given credit along with a link back to my website, blog or shop. thank you so much for asking!

    xoxo, juliette

  6. Cool – love your attempts to keep us all smiling. It's working!!

  7. i always love popping by here to see what makes you smile!!!!

    so love the hot pink lawn chair. big smile here!!!


  8. ooh, I want that pink lounge chair!! 🙂 ~Lauren

  9. I want the pink chair!

    Your art makes me smile! ♥

  10. They are great smile-makers indeed. 🙂 Theresa

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