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things that are making me smile

it’s all about those lush, tropical colors! the snow here is almost all melted, and i am feeling a bit spring-crazy…looking for bulbs to be popping up in the gardens already!


ps. there’s kind of an awesome little interview with me over on stephanie fizer’s blog about me being an assistant instructor for her upcoming FLOURISH e-course!


  1. Thanks for posting these. I needed a winter pick-me-up.

    I'm planning to stop by your opening at Absolutely Art on Friday, so I'll see you then!

  2. i think it's our near-spring weather 🙂 so close, but it's only january 🙂

    so excited to see you friday, susan!

  3. Oh those flowers are so pretty. Wish it was spring all year long! I live in AZ and it is freezing here. We want spring. We want spring. We want spring.

  4. we still have at least a foot of snow on the ground and i'm only 90 miles north of you! it's too early to be thinking of spring, this is Wisconsin, we have a good 2-3 months of winter yet, i can't even let myself go there yet, plus there is lots of cross country skiing to do yet which i love. your pics do make me want to take a trip to the rain forest.
    what a wonderful interview. congratulations on being an assistant instructor!

  5. What beautiful photographs!

    Also, I've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award! (here:

  6. Congrats Juliette – it carries a lot of weight that you went through the course yourself and as a result your business grew! Wishing you the best with being on the other side… 🙂

  7. thanks for the nomination, sara!

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