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  1. Juliette;
    Your fall photos are inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I am sure those beautiful colors will show up somewhere in your awesome artwork!!!!

  2. i love tHiS about fall too!
    & love your owl dearies in fall
    & any season for that matter!

  3. i love that leaf-covered path – gorgeous!

  4. This is the first year I've grown dahlias, yours are stunning. I didn't know that fall would be the time for them to shine!

  5. Your photos are wonderful…a charmed place!!!

  6. love
    every single photo!


  7. were these in hoyt park by any chance ?
    thanks for telling us how to get there….our walk was beautiful !!

    OH…and happy anniversary !!

  8. Dear Juliette…what absolutely beautiful pics!! Fall is stunning with Her riot of colors. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment you left on my blog-you are so sweet. Hugs-Soraya

  9. ooh all that color-I COULD JUST FALL BACKWARDS into it tall! Congrats on your newsletter-it is a joy to read and all your exciting news…well I couldn't be more happy to see others acknowledging your talent.

  10. Juliette! You inspired me to create my own photographic tribute to fall – thanks!!

  11. Beautiful photos Juliette! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, it is lovely to come across your work also 🙂

  12. Beautiful pictures, Juliette, wonderful autumn feeling. It is such a gorgeous season.

  13. wow, very beautiful pictures and very nace palce!Regards!!

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