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Things I LOVE About Fall!

every year i look forward to fall. i just love seeing the leaves changing, taking a drive out to a farm and pumpkin picking and eating caramel apples! 

definitely all things i completely LOVE and find so inspiring!
the leaves are turning such gorgeous colors here in wisconsin. how about in your part of the world?
ps. i loved being part of life book 2012…registration for the 2013 class is now open! paint with some amazing teachers for an entire year!
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  1. Beautiful! Sadly the trees outside my window have almost shed all of their leaves already. Perhaps I should visit a forest?;)

  2. the leaves are changing pretty quickly around here…always so beautiful. it's definitely worth a walk in the forest 🙂

  3. These were beautiful and enchanting photographs. My husband and I are farmers and were curious as to wht crop is growing in the first photograph. It's not familiar to New Mexico farmlands!

  4. The leaves have started to turn in Holland – and they are looking gorgeous reflected in the canals. I liked your pumpkin farm pictures too – that's not something I have ever seen.

    Autumn is great – time to pull the woolies out of the cupboard and start wearing boots again. And as you've shown. great inspiration for arty folk 🙂

  5. Loved these photos as don't see a proper fall/autumn here – the pumpkins are amazing Juliette – never seen that either with pumpkins this size – we have the smaller ones. Here of course we are in Spring.

  6. I love those colors too, and stepping on the fallen leaves and make them crunch!

  7. there was a gardener up the street who had the biggest pumpkins i've ever seen! they were harvested before i had the chance to snap a photo…fall is really an amazing time!

  8. sounds beautiful in holland…a place i'd love to visit 🙂 have a wonderful weekend!

  9. i'm not sure exactly what that crop is…the photo is taken at the farm of our csa, so it's some sort of green like a type of lettuce or swiss chard. really beautiful 🙂

  10. the leaves are stunning. I love the richness of the shades. Amazing.

  11. i too loooove fall….after a seemingly endless indian summer we have now hit some cold nights and the leaves are changing and falling and the rains have come and we have finally lit our fire….so cozy here, I just watched your video about art journaling (so juicy) and must go find my trusty old box of oil pastels! so nice to find you here!

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