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the wiggly tendrils

i’ve been super inspired, using the wiggly tendrils music for my e-course videos these last few weeks and listening to pretty much every single song… and now i’ve just gotten the biggest surprise! 
MY OWN SONG by the wiggly tendrils
remember my painting in-progress from Monday? well it’s been the inspiration for the song HOW TO PAINT AN OWL and you can listen to it in all of its beauty and magic right here
i’m really loving all of their songs. and you can even request one of your own too!


  1. That is just plain AWESOME! Congrats on being the inspiration for a song!

  2. Yah, I'm so happy you like the song! I watched your videos today, and they are so lovely. Your students are very lucky!

    Much <3,


  3. thanks! i'm incredibly honored and so lucky to be able to use the wt music for class 🙂

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