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Faces Class Early Bird is Open + Making Beautiful Mistakes

I always get stuck with my paintings.

When I first started painting my owls. I painted three beauties in a row. I was on a roll and getting so much positive feedback.

Then I got stuck.

I was trying to recreate my other perfect owls rather than paint something new.

So I started to photograph my painting process from start to finish. This helped to show me that my paintings never look good at first. I always go through an ugly stage – where I am figuring things out and building up my layers.


I’ve spent so much time trying to paint something beautiful rather than make a mistake.

I can’t even tell you how often I’ve wished I painted something other than what I paint – wishing my style was different or that I could paint with more detail. But those thoughts just keep me from creating the work I need to create.

What I realized from taking those photos from start to finish was that if I just look at the finished painting and attempt to paint that, none of the depth and beauty can ever come through.

All of those beautiful mistakes are what allow me to discover something new and help to develop my style.

With love + gratitude,
xo Juliette

Ps. Faces Mixed Media Painting is open for Early Bird Registration (with limited spaces). If you’d like to join me when Faces class begins September 25th, you can find all of the details here.

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