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the painting of my favorite chair

i’ve had this chair since college. it was a gift from a friend who lived across the hall. and on the day he moved out to live in the desert, he told me if i decorated the chair, i could have it. it was sort of a challenge to my artist self. and so, ever since, i always keep this chair pretty and alive in his memory.

i always seem to repaint this chair at turning points in my life. it’s sort of symbolic and a rebirth in that way. because for me, painting this chair is all about play.

and since it’m not only feeling like it’s summer around here (especially since i’m painting outside again!), but i’m really making the time to enjoy everything… to give myself tons of time to paint, lounge in my backyard, stroll with my coffee before breakfast, and enjoy long dinners with friends and family…

so i got inspired and took my chair outside for a little repaint!

years ago, i created the fabric chair cover…made from a hippie skirt i never wore, but loved the green embroidered people and elephants. its always seemed like a happy little addition.

i wasn’t happy with the front anymore, so i just went for it with the color i was feeling…a soft yellow.

   then i got out a bit of copper paint and loved the way it looked against the black acrylic!

it’s so fun to finally use painting techniques on this chair that i’ve adored in my paintings…i’m still delighted by that foam brush and the stamping shapes it makes!

i’ve loved the back of this chair most, so i didn’t touch too much of it. but it’s funny that the back of this chair sits against a wall, so my favorite part was never even seen…

so i just added a bit more yellow acrylic and oil pastel to make it work with the front…

then i really did up the front! so now my favorite part isn’t hidden toward the wall, but shows out to the rest of the room!


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  1. i love your chair!
    old & new & all you!

  2. What a wonderful symbol of friendship and creative spirit! I love this tradition 🙂

  3. juliette, that is gorgeous!

  4. I love the history of the chair and the meaning behind painting it; great post 🙂

  5. ooooooooooo pretty chair, in every stage.

  6. So cool… I love the symbolism of the chair & rebirthing! XO

  7. thank you! it's so meaningful to me and now sharing it with all of you is part of this chairs lovely story too 🙂

    xoxo, juliette

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