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The Loveliest Gardener!

The Loveliest Gardener. Prints available in my etsy shop.
this is a painting i created for my mom to remind her of springtime and her love of flowers and gardening! she has a total green thumb and has always been able to grow just about anything. 
The Gardener. Prints available in my etsy shop.
so when she asked me to do a commissioned painting for her, similar to my painting the gardener, i knew i’d have to include happy flowers! 
now i don’t often do commissioned paintings, especially pieces so similar to one another, but she really wanted something with all of the gorgeous blue glitter in the background! so i went ahead and made all of the grass solid glitter too! then i choose some of my favorite sheets of vintage wallpaper and cut out all of the shapes.
i was especially happy to find this smiling sunshine and adhered it (and a few other flowers) to a small plastic square so they’d stand out and add dimension to the painting. to me, they look like they’re dancing…so happy to be cared for by the LOVELIEST GARDENER!


thank you to the lovely louise gale for posting this interview with me over on her beautiful blog!


  1. you know how to water your page
    & create blooming gardens
    for all of our hearts!
    love this, dear one!!!
    spring green love to you. xoxox

  2. You have a lovely garden, too, my dear.


  3. beautiful Juliette!! Everyone seems to be on the same page today! SPRING SPRING SPRING! Feelling very happy reading blogs today. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Spring is finally on its way! Love this work!

  5. just darling! very, very, happy. we are still getting snow! xo

  6. These are so cute! I love them! Makes me want to get out and do some gardening! I can not wait for springtime!
    Just saw you interview on Louise's blog. Very inspiring!

  7. …and the LOVELIEST of mixed media, ever!!

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