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The Kingdom Inside – A New Painting

The Kingdom Inside. Original (SOLD).
Find prints in my etsy shop.
“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Sometimes I just love painting small.

I feel like with a small piece, the story can be very condensed and they’re don’t need to be too many elements in the background. 

That way, my focus really remains on my character.

The Kingdom Inside. Original (SOLD).
Find prints in my etsy shop.

For this piece, I covered up a character’s face that I wasn’t liking with a circle of lokta paper. 

For me, I can never leave a character or painting I don’t completely love. So covering the old piece up with paper is my new favorite technique to really get rid of something and create something new.

That way the piece feels like a fresh start. And I already know where the new character’s face will be. And from there, this little lion got its story…

With tender heart, speak your truth, knowing peace exists, always, in THE KINGDOM INSIDE.


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