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the do what you love retreat!

do what you love retreat, england
it’s hard to imagine that i was lucky enough to spend five days in this beautiful place for the do what you love retreat
i knew it would be amazing… i mean, i was to be assisting the lovely flora bowley with her Bloom True painting workshop! but not only was the painting time incredible AND the scenery gorgeous…but the people attending the retreat were simply amazing! 
it all seemed to fall into place in one of those moments where you say you’d love to have something come into your life, and then two seconds later it actually does!
as i mentioned in monday’s post, i was really quite nervous about my trip to england. i’d already been feeling like life had been keeping me overly busy and i was dreaming of spending warm days lounging in my backyard garden. 
but i love to travel. and this trip made me feel renewed and so inspired! there’s something about traveling on your own and meeting people you never would otherwise and staying in places so different from your home that seems so completely necessary…especially when i’m at a place where i may not want to wander.   
this trip taught me so much, especially about myself. and although i did not want to leave, being surrounded by so much beauty and so many wonderful, amazing people and stories has made me appreciate all of the rest of my life even more! and really renewed my passion for doing what i love and sharing it with the world!
photos from my class with flora bowley on friday!


  1. Gorgeous photos Juliette – and what a treat to have you join us! So fantastic to share the experience with you and all the other inspiring people there

  2. juliette those photos are magnificent! i can only imagine how heavenly it must have been.

  3. lovely!! thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

  4. OMG! Gorgeous scenery…well worth traveling for 🙂

  5. really lovely photos, Juliette, so lovely to actually meet you

  6. I love looking at everyones photos of the event. It looks like it was a dream come true. Isn't it funny how sometimes you just don't feel like doing something and then you do it anyway and it turns out to be the most wonderful time in the world.

  7. Just lovely! I am having a great time looking at all the photos and reading the amazing experiences!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. it looks just beautiful Juliette, what am amazing experience for you 🙂

  9. Hi Juliette, it was brilliant to meet you at the retreat and thanks for a great post! I didn't want to leave either! 🙂

  10. Dearest Juliette,

    I'm so happy for you that your trip was such a positive experience. I have no doubt that it will fuel more magic into your heart and stir up many more enriching experiences in your creative journey.

    I also love to travel alone. I flew to Paris and Beijing on my own and I sprouted wings both times. I'm glad you made it safely home. xox

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