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thank you 2010! welcome 2011!

 TITLE: BEAUTY IN PRAYER. Prints available in my etsy shop.
All right, 2010. It’s been a mega year! And before I do the 2010 recap, I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for making this year so incredible! I could never have imagined this year would mean so many big, BIG things for me! And it has been so wonderful to have this space to share everything with you! And to have all of your support and encouragement along the way! 
You’ve REALLY kept me going! And I am so grateful, grateful, grateful for it all! THANK YOU for being here with me! 
May 2011 bring many great and beautiful things for us all!
TITLE: SING YOUR SONG. Prints available in my etsy shop.
last week, i took some time to go through my 2010 calendar. i went through every day, month by month, and wrote down EVERYTHING i’d accomplished! and when i was finally done with it all, i took a deep breath and thought, “no wonder i’m exhausted.”.
2010 was filled with some major, life-changing achievements and a lot of dedication and hard work! while i have so loved it all and am crazy proud and thankful for this past year, i’m hoping 2011 will be a bit more about enjoying it all! 
i’ve never looked back on my past year and planned for the next. but for 2011, i’m looking back on this last year and writing down just what went well and what i’d like to change. i’m scheduling things in advance for 2011 to try and give my life a bit more space and pacing. in fact, my intention for 2011 is to be kinder and more nourishing to myself, so that i am more often enjoying it all and happy in my every day! this means more trips to the museum! more wandering farmers markets! and more of everything that makes me smile!  
   TITLE: SHARING HER HEART, SHE HEALED. Prints available in my etsy shop.
and now for some of the 2010 creative business highlights!
  TITLE: SHARE YOUR GIFTS. Prints available in my etsy shop.
*i started this blog on january 27, 2010
*took my first creative business e-course (FLOURISH with Stephanie Fizer*)
*went to austin, tx and got really inspired by their art community!
*got myself on Twitter, Facebook + Flickr! 
 TITLE: BEAUTY + TRUTH. Prints available in my etsy shop.
*in may, i had my first coffee shop show with a BIG opening at the EVP
*took my 2nd creative business class (FLYING LESSONS with Kelly Rae Roberts!)
 TITLE: ELEPHANT WITH GOLD TOES. Prints available in my etsy shop.
*i bought a little blue kiddie pool + really learned to enjoy!
*updated my blog design + started blogging about what i cared about!
*did lots of interviews and features on other blogs

 TITLE: HOPE. Prints available in my etsy shop.
*submitted originals to somerset + was asked to write my owl painting article! 
*september, i went to san francisco and had a lovely roadtrip adventure
*had my ART SAVES story featured on crescendoh!
*started up my monthly newsletter**
*signed up for an artful journey (my first art retreat, going this february!)

 TITLE: FRESH FROM THE OCEAN. Prints available in my etsy shop.
*had my first batch of business cards AND postcards professionally printed!  
*in october, i took part in open art studios!
*started doing more local art shows
*sold my art at local boutiques!
 TITLE: AUTUMN WIND. Prints available in my etsy shop.
*taught my first owl painting workshop!
*began planning my online owl painting workshop
*got word that i’d be featured in ARTFUL BLOGGING (spring issue, Feb 2011)!
*my article came out in SOMERSET STUDIO!!!
*dropped off paintings for my first gallery show!

TITLE: MYSTIC HEART. Prints available in my etsy shop.

it’s kind of awesome to look back on it all!
and with that, 2010…i thank you for everything and take my next steps ahead.

2011…i know i can’t pin you down with a few words (2010 was “joy + ease”), but i know this year i’ve learned to enjoy more, be happy and nourish my spirit (as in do everything that makes me smile!)! and that’s exactly what i plan to remind myself to do each and every morning!

* i am so excited that i’ll be an assistant instructor for the upcoming session of stephanie fizer’s online class, FLOURISH (January 31, 2011 through March 4, 2011)!

**i’ll be sending out my monthly newsletter soon-ish. if you’re so inclined, you can sign up for it right here!


  1. Happy New Year!! I LOVE “Beauty in Prayer” !!

  2. Congratulations on a creative and successful year. I hope this year brings you lots of opportunities and happiness.

  3. thank you! and happy happy new year!

  4. Wow! Congratulations on a great 2010 Juliette! I look forward to seeing where you will soar in 2011…

    Happy New Year to you!

  5. Wow, you sure had a wonderfully productive year! Congrats on all the great stuff that happened, and I wish you even more success for 2011.
    You are inspiring to me!

  6. What an outstanding year you have had Juliette. Congratulations. SO happy to know you in this blog world and to meet you in Feb. Cheers to another year of amazing accomplishments.

  7. congratulations to you!!
    elephant with gold toes is so adorable!
    i hope this year is even better than last!

  8. I hope 2011 brings everything you dream of!

  9. What an amazing year you have had Juliette! 🙂

    Happy Happy New Year!

  10. Eeekkk! What an amazing year! I can only imagine the goodness 2011 will bring. I know you will continue to flourish. 🙂 XO

  11. Dearest sweet Julitte, such an amazing year for you and im so happy to be along side with you as you venture futher in your creative dream! Wishing you LOVE and JOY this new year! Thank YOU so much for all the love and blessing you have given me in 2010 and i look forward to a wonderful creative adventure with you in 2011! Love to you!

  12. Congratulations on a successful year, Juliette! Best wishes for you in 2011.

  13. wow…what an awesome year you had…congratulations…so exciting!! what a great idea to go back over your monthly calendar at the end of the year and see what all you accomplished (i think we tend to forget)…you've inspired me!!

  14. going through my calendar from last year has really helped me appreciate where i'm at and build on what i've learned as i move through 2011! i totally recommend it and will be doing it every year!

  15. Wow. What a lot of accomplishments. I hope to have many of the same by the end of 2011. Fingers crossed. Love your artwork, by the way.=D

  16. I just read your article in Somerset and did a happy dance for you right in Barnes and Noble. I know you will rock it in 2011 too. Congrats, sister!

  17. thanks for finding my article in somerset, carrie! i so appreciate all of your consistent support and encouragement! THANK YOU!

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