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Teaching at the LUCKY STAR Art Retreat!


i am so excited to be teaching at the Lucky Star Art Retreat in Hunt, Texas October 9-13, 2013.

sign up for the Lucky Star newsletter for a reminder.


i’m especially honored to be part of this retreat because it’s not just about art. it’s a gathering of incredibly talented, creative and positive women coming together to celebrate whole-living.

there will be a a huge mix of classes… with artists, writers, beekeepers, food stylists, photographers, foodies, farmers and more!

and it all takes place in the beautiful hill country of texas.

and if you’re interested in a free pass, definitely sign up for the Lucky Star newsletter as there will be a giveaway for one spot at the retreat to a lucky winner on their mailing list!


i know there are already a lot of amazing people planning to attend the retreat and i can’t wait to meet you all. we’re going to have such an inspirational and creative time! 

i hope to see you there!


ps. sign up for the Lucky Star newsletter for a little reminder of when registration opens and the chance to win a free spot.


  1. Congratulations!! What a pity I'm so far away…

  2. Good Luck and Many best wishes!
    I love Willow…this is a SWEET painting! So NICE!

  3. Wow, that is close to my home, hmmmm I may need to go. 🙂

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