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sweet dreaming

ever since my trip to england, i’ve had loads of new ideas and dreams! and i wanted to put them all together into one vision…

so i went out into the backyard with a big tablet of newsprint and my last dream board. and i scribbled onto the newsprint all of my wishes, goals and dreams…

then i grabbed a new sheet of paper and started decorating it with spray painted lace and stencils! 

i’d printed out lots of photos i’d found browsing the internet or scanned from magazines…i just paged through everything until i found the thing i loved. even if it wasn’t the perfect image, that photo represented what i had in mind.

and this dream board encompasses everything i’m dreaming of…a kelly green ball skirt i had in college, but lost during a move (i’ve been dreaming of it ever since). inspirations from surface pattern designers rachel taylor and lotta jansdotterlove for home and fashion deigns from orla kiely.

and then i sketched in the part that was me…all of the flowers and color and home decor dreams. and i wrote in the wishes i’d scribbled out earlier, making sure to incorporate each one.

the last thing i did was hang this new dream board beside the other in a special spot in my studio…a place where i look at it every day and remember all that i am inspired by and dreaming of.

i love the reminder it brings every day!


for anyone in madison or nearby in the midwest, i’m hosting an art opening and music party on friday! hope to see you there!


  1. Juliette, soooo glad you are into the dreamboards. My studio walls are covered in them still! I'm picking up my monthly dream circles again for the next full moon (July 15th), hope you will join me. YAY! keep on dreaming lovely girl. So many exciting things coming your way. Xxx

  2. So pretty! I love how you incorporated pictures into a beautiful colorful painting. I need to work on my summer dream board today. Happy summer time!

  3. How incredible….I love that you take time to indulge your dreams! What a wonderful reminder of what your heart wants and loves….and visual cue to help you achieve them 🙂

  4. Keeping those dreams alive! Love it!!

  5. what a cool idea – like how you went outside to do make the dream board. What a lovely concept a 'dream board'

  6. What a fabu. twist on dream boards. I am so in! Thank you for sharing this! x

  7. Juliette! What a beautiful dream board!! soooooooo happy magic is coming your way…hugs from Australia!

  8. Love the idea of a dreamboard, looks beautiful.

  9. thank you!

    i will definitely join you for the monthly dream boarding again, louise 🙂

    louise was the first person to inspire me to ctart creating these dream boards 🙂

  10. what a wonderful creation! i wish i could visit your art showing!! how exciting for you.

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