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Student Gallery

Out of all of the mixed media painting techniques I’ve ever tried, the one thing I always return to is having fun with whatever it is I am creating. This brings joy to the process which inevitably gets infused into your artwork and makes anyone who sees it smile.

That is my philosophy when it comes to painting.

I know that when I am not having fun with my artwork, my creativity does not have the chance to flow. But getting to that point of letting go, can feel daunting. Because as soon as I create something I am proud of, I want to do that same thing again. And I can’t.

Drawing that box around myself is a definite way to stunt my creative flow.

I usually need to have a few paintings going on at once. The second I recognize I am attached to and trying too hard with one, I know it’s time to move onto another. That way I’m not so afraid to cover up what I am not liking and try new things, making mistakes that lead me to something new.

But it’s a hard thing to do when you just want to get out whatever it is you’re feeling in your heart. And when that ends up looking and feeling ugly.

So, it melts my heart to see all of the letting go and creating being done in my online classes. It’s so unbelievable to see all of the imagination and creativity and dedication to letting it all out. I love that. And it lets me know, I need to keep sharing and creating more and more.

Here are some of the latest paintings being created by students in my online classes

See more artwork from the class galleries here.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane


Ps. Watch video previews for all of my online classes here.

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  1. Truly Inspiring!!! xo

  2. Beautiful student’s art. Thanks so much dear Juliette for including my art in such beautiful galleries. I know it has been a creative journey!

  3. I love all student’s art, but Snap Lane…. <3 !

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