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strawberries, scones + summer motorcycle rides!

the weather has been gorgeous and as soon as summer hits, we love to take motorcycle rides through the wisconsin farmlands. and the other day we were lucky enough to find a roadside stand selling organic strawberries!

so of course we pulled over a bought a carton!

and made these delicious scones later that evening! i love to experiment with different fillings whenever i bake so we made some with strawberries and almonds, some with fresh chives from the garden (mixed in with a little cheddar cheese), and some with door county cherries. 

my favorite was definitely the strawberry almond straight from the over with a bit of cream and strawberries sliced on top.

and since the weather has been so sweet, we had to concoct a sweet strawberry drink too! this one was made with strawberries, a pinch of sugar, and vanilla bean…all mashed together and then pushed through a metal strainer, so you get a beautiful thick juice. i added a bit of ice then poured in some seltzer water…completely refreshing! and just perfect for summer!


  1. Wish I was a your house to sample some of those scones!! Sound yummy!!

  2. so delicious!…especially eaten in the summertime in the backyard 🙂

  3. all of those pictures look so YUMMY!!! here in the bahamas our summer fruits are watermelon and mangoes, and this year they are as sweet as sugar! enjoy!

  4. thank you for making me hungry : )

    walked into evp monday and was pleasantly surprised to see your artwork up! looks beautiful!

  5. Mmmm again you with the delicious food posts – yum!

    I'm definitely going to have to try out that drink recipe, it looks delicious. Though I'm not gonna lie, I think it's missing a lil rum action. I hear thats good for your liver. I think I read it on google so it has to be true. 😉

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