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story book

Story Book. Prints available in my etsy shop.

This is STORY BOOK. She’s inspired by all of the magic and imagination in the world. I see her as this little sprite in her own world that just flew up and out of the fresh cut grass to greet whomever might be walking by.

  She’s called STORY BOOK because I’m in love with her story and evolution. I always write the evolution of my paintings on the back of the piece, and for this one it was one that really resonated with me…because she started out as a girl who wasn’t quite sure who she was. She had wings and horns and was trying her hardest to standout. 

Story Book. Prints available in my etsy shop.

Then as I painted her, she became stuck in the mud. Until she grew back her horns and lightened up…her face got all white and she lost her legs and became her whimsical self. She got this amazing long hair like Rapunzel and flew straight for the light and wasn’t about to turn back.

I covered all but her face with an antique decoupage to give her scene added beauty and softness. Then I coated the entire painting with Dorland’s wax medium to seal and protect the final piece. 

Story Book. Prints available in my etsy shop.

To me, she just looks like the perfect cover for a little STORY BOOK.

And the way she found her new home is pretty special too. I’d painted this piece a bit before we had a few people over for an evening soiree. I’d hung her on the wall to take a step back and see what more needed to be added. When guests arrived, she was still on the wall. And by the end of the night, she sold. 

That sort of serendipity means so much. Especially because I felt I was taking a big risk with this new girl. When I hung her on that wall, I was sure no one but me would love her…and now she has a sweet new home.


  1. She is amazing! I love how she emerges from the first background.

  2. I love her back story! She is great!

  3. she is so fun. i love her. is the original sold?

  4. thank you!

    yes, the original sold about an hour after i painted her…complete serendipity 🙂

  5. I really love the simple beauty of this piece! (And I enjoy seeing the process)


  6. She is just perfect! Beautiful work, xo

  7. The bubble braids are the icing of the cake….she is enchanting.

  8. Beau et précieux travail…

  9. I love her story…and the fact that someone else connected with her right away! So nice when that happens!

    The owl from the last post is gorgeous, btw! All those yummy colors and patterns…delicious!

    …and how cool is it that you have your own song..haha! Might have to give that a go myself 😀

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