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start to finish with artist kelly barton!

since i’ve been sharing with you so many start to finish paintings, i thought it would be fun for you to see the start to finish of a painting by one of my favorite artist’s, kelly barton

each piece begins with a sketch…pssst…i have ooddles of sketch books full of them.

the backgrounds are filled with playful papers and colors. pinks, whites, blues and greens are my faves.

adding my sketches in graphite seems to be my favorite part.

and from here i begin adding layers of color to the story.  little snips of found papers.

a banner for text wrapping  around her hair telling her story.

the girl wanted her cake. 

it was so simple, let them eat cake. of course she wanted hers too.

a little painting inspired by the infamous Marie Antoinette…

*** to see the finished painting, visit kelly’s blog right here! ***


thank you so much, kelly, for sharing a bit about your painting process and the story behind your artwork!

find more of kelly’s work in her etsy shop and on her blog too!


  1. What a fun piece! Thanks so much for introducing us to Kelly!

  2. Kelly is so flippin cool!! Love this painting and learning about the process! Amazing art from an amazing person. 🙂

  3. you weave a story the way you weave color and beauty and OODLES of fabulousness…

  4. hey juliette….i have been so bad about visiting here…..sorry !
    i met kelly at squam's first year and she is a DOLL to say the very least.
    i'm doing a give-away on my blog for another artist you probably know that just published a book…i hope you visit 🙂

  5. Sweetsweetlove! Kelly is such an inspiration. Hope you enjoyed (or are enjoying!) your trip to London. How amazingly cool! I'm going to pretend I'm there with you painting & sipping tea 😉


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