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spring flowers!

i just can’t even say how happy all of these spring flowers make me! 

lately i’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with finishing up projects and preparing to head to england for the do what you love retreat next week. it’s all nervousness and excitement at once! and a little stroll through the garden just does wonders!

i’m so thrilled to find my little seedlings growing strong over at my parents’ greenhouse too! and i cannot wait to get them into my backyard. 

i’ve just been going crazy over the idea of having my own vegetables growing right outside! i’m really considering putting in a full vegetable garden. especially after reading all about annie novak and brooklyn’s eagle street rooftop farm!

there’s some serious joy in gardening!


ps. last night i had the chance to catch the most wonderful film…QUEEN OF THE SUN. it’s all about flowers and bees and so inspiring, especially if you love gardening! i’m on my way to check out a few local bee keepers to see just how it’s done!


  1. Beautiful flowers, Juliette! Thank you for the link to Queen of the Sun. I just forwarded it to my husband and saved it for myself to look at more closely. We've been bee keepers for a whole 6 days so far!

  2. These are beautiful! But can you name them all? They appear to be from bulbs- I have a few irises but the drought and heat we already have down south has not led to many flowers :0(. I am growing strong on the vegetable dept- although we got a late start. Lots of flowers from seed I hope! Can't wait to see how your green thumb evolves :0).

  3. Gorgeous! I love spring flowers.
    Safe travels to you. You are going to have such an awesome time! I can't wait to hear about your adventure.

  4. i'm a total flower nut, so i'm always walking through the neighborhood and naming the flowers, birds and trees. these are mostly tulips (even those little ones), bloodroot (the white), daffodils and grape hyacinth (the purple ones).

    so fun to hear you've just become a bee keeper, holly! you'll love the film!

    i'll have lots of photos from england to share! cannot wait 🙂 see you all soon!


  5. beautiful blossoms! 🙂 have a wonderful, magical time at the upcoming retreat juliette…hugs 🙂 jan

  6. You have such beautiful flowers! Good luck with your garden for the rest of the season!

  7. De belles fleurs pour une belle fleur…

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