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I had so much fun creating this painting. She truly transformed into SPRING AND THE BOOK DRESS.

I just adore Roald Dahl books and “JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH” has got to be one of my favorites. I keep an extra copy around just for this sort of thing. For this piece, I cut half-circles from pages of the book and painted each one individually with watercolors then layered them to create her BOOK DRESS. Then I added an alchemy of materials from my studio…pastels, acrylics, ink and modern and vintage papers. On top, I applied a decoupage finish to protect the collage from the elements.

Details and close-ups, along with archival prints, now available in my ART SHOP.


  1. Hi Juliette~

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog!

    I absolutely adore the BOOK DRESS…I love how you “weaved” the words into her dress, just like all the words that swirl around us that interweave into our own lives.


  2. I love those flowers! The whole thing is wonderful but the little flowers add such pop! Excellent!

  3. I love it! That is so beautiful!

  4. this is so darling Juliette! the dress is brilliant!

  5. How pretty! I know many little girls who would love this for their room {well some “big” girls too}.

  6. Very cute dress!! What a great idea, lovely piece!

  7. Luscious !
    I got to check out your exhibit at the Sequoia library the other day. Wow…even better live. My favorite was the girl watering her seeds. That bright blue/green background is the same color we painted our 3 season porch floor. Love it !

  8. This is such a sweet and whimsical piece.You have a distinctive style that is very welcoming.

  9. This is awesome! All your pieces are awesome. Love how you mix actual pieces from the book in here. You are brilliant!

  10. i am crazy about her dress & crazy about HER!!! just gorgeous!

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