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sneak peek at a new painting – WILLOW!

title: WILLOW. prints and the original painting available in my etsy shop.
WILLOW 8×8 inches on wood.

as i painted this piece, i had to keep reminding myself to have fun. i’d just returned from the creative connection event in st paul, where i remembered art agent lilla rogers telling me to focus on quality not quantity. so i kept on thinking…this one has to be quality. it has to be good. and of course, that’s when i got stuck. that’s when i stopped having fun. because i had all of these ideas for making her mystical and full of life, but to make her acceptable and quality, i didn’t feel i could add all of that magic. 

when i realized i wasn’t having fun that’s when i told myself it doesn’t matter how she turns out. if i’m not enjoying it, then why paint anyways. and from there, this willow bloomed.

title: willow. prints and the original painting available in my etsy shop.

title: willow. prints and the original painting available in my etsy shop.

i was thinking of calling this girl something like whimsical, magical, majestic wonderland. she just reminds me of this fairy world, filled with mysticism. but when i took a step back, i realized she’s really all about growth and having ideas, turning then them into words. and then i thought she must be willow.

willow trees are one of the fastest growing trees. as a child, our neighbors had a willow tree with this fabulous tire swing. i used to love to watch and listen to the branches blow in the wind. it was like our own imaginary world beneath that willow tree.

and to me, this painting represents all of the magic and mystery that can be. 

find the original painting and prints in my etsy shop.

ps. thank you for all of the kindness for the life book giveaway! i can’t believe all of the comments and am so happy you’re all excited for the workshop already! thank you to the beautiful tam at willowing for this super sweet blog feature!

i’ll be naming a winner oct 2, so still plenty of time to leave a comment and follow this blog if you haven’t already entered to win a spot in the life book ecourse GIVEAWAY!


  1. She's lovely, I do love your textured backgrounds. I'd feel quite pressured if someone said 'quality not quantity to me! I'm glad you were able to free yourself and to make something from your heart. I think creating from the heart makes all the difference don't you? 🙂
    Jess xx

  2. I love Willow:O) Willow trees are my fav:O)

  3. She's beautiful Juliette!

  4. she is beautiful Juliette. do you have any videos of you working. I would love to see you make one your pieces. wondering if I asked you that before..hmmm sorry if I did 🙂

  5. thanks!

    creating from the heart is the only way i can really create anything i love. otherwise it feels disconnected from me and not really worth painting anyways 🙂

  6. sooo beautiful Juliette! We have a small willow in our yard..really quite an amazing story as my husband collected some young willow branches years ago to build a sweat lodge in our backyard and to our amazement they all began to sprout and grow! The sweat lodge is no longer there but one of the willow remains..its Springtime right now in Australia so its budding and flowering xo

  7. Elle est tout simplement adorable…
    gros bisous

  8. She remembers me a goddess…so beautiful and sweet 🙂

  9. magical painting i think willow is the perfect name!

  10. Oh Juliette! This one is SO SWEET <3

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